Things you didn’t know about a resume
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Things you didn’t know about a resume

Things you didn’t know about a resume
Everyone understands the importance of writing a good resume. It helps you stand out and it is easier for recruiters to screen candidates for a particular post. But most people are unaware of how a resume is used by hiring managers, which can help you land up a job. 
The following are few unknown facts about how a resume is used to help you focus more on the matter and less on the format:

In order to make an impeccable resume, one needs to know that resumes are essentially used as interview guidelines. Instead of defining your position, describe what you have accomplished. Mention experiences that set you apart. Things that get highlighted and are emphasized upon on a resume are things that get discussed in an interview.
The time gaps on your resume cannot go unnoticed. Recruiters are very conscious about it and can spot one quickly. Hence it is better to share that you were out of work than hiding such details. If you have been freelancing or doing a part-time job, list them on your resume.
Always remember that your resume is going to represent you. Most recruiters and headhunters do not look at a resume until the day of the interview. But to get selected for an interview one must learn to make an attractive resume.
Beware of using unfamiliar words, phrases, and terms. This can back fire at you. Instead stick to familiar words being used in the industry. Resumes with typographical errors are a big no-no with interviewers.
Lengthy cover letters are not appreciated. Let your resume do the talking. It is best to keep the words to a minimum. Choose few yet powerful terms.
Interviewers are more interested in your work than you. Where, how long, and what have you worked on, are of utmost importance to them and influence their decision. Highlighting such facts and experiences must be your primary aim to win their hearts. 
Having the knowledge of how resumes are being used in the recruitment industry and what they look for will provide you with the understanding and will help you design a job-winning resume.

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