How to manage your time at work?
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How to manage your time at work?

How to manage your time at work?
Do you always feel that there is too much to do and too little time? It might not be the amount of work but the disability to manage the most precious thing, time. Most people find it extremely challenging to manage time at work. Even after certain organization it becomes difficult to keep track of time to complete a task. 

The following suggestions will help you improve productivity and enable you to learn to manage time at work:

We have heard the age old adage, “do first things first” a lot of times. It is about time to put it to use. Completing the most gruesome tasks first will give you the much needed boost to finish or attempt to take up other work.
Give people your attention only when it’s absolutely urgent and crucial. Whether it’s answering your phone, text, or an email, learn to not instantly deal with them. Allocate a dedicated time to get back to it.
It is essential to take breaks between tasks to remain focused and motivated. Give yourself some downtime. Take a walk, a coffee-break, meditate, read an interesting article, or listen to a peppy song to keep you energetic all day long.
It is better not to delay your work. But at times it is okay to procrastinate in case of items that do not need any immediate attention and can be dealt with later on just for a few days.
Begin your mornings at work by planning the whole day. Take 20 minutes out to schedule the rest of your day. Commit yourself to a routine like this and then resume your work.
Writing down things helps clear thoughts out of your head without the fear of forgetting. Instead of having a to-do list, it better to have a planner or listing things down in a calendar to get stuff done.
For some people pushing work to the eleventh hour and piling files is a way of their work life. But along with the adrenaline and the pressure comes immense stress. It is better to slow down to be more effective.
Prioritize all your tasks and categorize them into four groups namely urgent & important, not urgent but important, urgent but not important, neither urgent nor important based on their significance.   

The aim of good time management skills is not to get more work done but achieve a better lifestyle at work. By managing time one can feel more relaxed and be stress free yet be focused and in control.

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