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Off-beat career options for textile and fashion enthusiasts - I

Off-beat career options for textile and fashion enthusiasts - I
If you think that the jobs in fashion and textile industry are limited to designing then you are highly mistaken. There are ample career choices and interesting jobs one can pursue within the field. There is an array of different courses available today to specialize in a particular skill and there exists demand for it too. 

The following is a list of unconventional job roles one can pick from:

1. Carpet Designer – In addition to acquiring a textile design degree, for a job like this, one needs to have knowledge of CAD (Computer Aided Designing). Good design skills and an eye for pattern, colours, and textures are essential. As a carpet designer one will require working in-house for flooring or carpeting companies or as a freelancer and create 2D designs in repeat patterns. 

2. Innovation officer – If you possess good analytical skills and have a keen interest in research then this job is perfect for you. One will be working along with scientists and technicians to develop new production methods and make prototypes. The job also demands understanding latest technologies, conduct quality tests and prepare laboratory reports. To pursue a job role like this, one will need to undergo a course in Apparel Manufacturing Technology or Textile Manufacturing Technology.

3. Analytical Textile Technologist – Such experts are usually employed by Technical textile manufacturing companies. An individual will require a keen interest in science as well as textiles to be an analytical textile technologist. Working with microscopes, infrared spectroscopes, and laboratory work is a given. Maintaining health and safety issues, analysing defects, and solving technical queries will be a few regular tasks. Developing products and quality materials in the medical, automotive, or performance wear industries could be a potential job.

4. Costume Designer – This job requires certain amount of experience and expertise. If you fancy the costumes of TV shows and films, and have the ability to work under pressure, and deep knowledge on the history of costumes then you can take up a career in costume designing. Managing a team, work within budgets, and meeting crazy deadlines is also expected from this job role. The profession requires working with production designers, actors, art directors, and the cinematographer to match the script and shots of the film/show.

5. Handcraft Tailor – The devil is in the details and if you can’t stop agreeing more, then you might want to consider a career in handcrafted tailoring.  Creating bespoke garments such as suits, jackets, coats for men and women is an art that requires great pattern making and stitching skills. Custom made clothing requires skills like precision, attention to intricacy, and master sewing.

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