Habits every young professional must keep in check
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Habits every young professional must keep in check

Habits every young professional must keep in check
After gaining a couple of years of experience, and understanding the dynamics of working in a professional scenario, every young qualified candidate must take into account certain practices. Once you have acquired the necessary skills and efficiency of getting on with your work life, make sure you inculcate the following habits for a successful career and to gain momentum.

1. Observe the practice of keeping a digital address book instead of playing treasure hunt in your inbox. Keep a list of all the contacts and connections you’ve made. Every time you receive a business card add the information to your address book. This also makes it easy to share everything while you choose to discontinue.
2. Get into the habit of upgrading your resume once in every six months. Update your CV with the latest skills you have acquired, projects you have worked on, and experiences gained. This way you can record details about your work-life while the things are still afresh in your mind.
3. Stay in touch with your old colleagues and co-workers. Just a simple “Hi! What’s new with you?” is enough to bond over. Old connections can help you spark some new ones and be useful you never know how in your future.
4. If you belong to a creative field like designing or writing then make your presence felt online by developing an exciting portfolio to flaunt your talent and skills. 
5. A handful of manners can go a long way. Always send out a follow-up mail after a meeting or an interview. Stay organized and try reaching work 5 to 10 minutes early. Learn to provide responses to mails within 24 hours. Dress for the job you want and use non-verbal communication skills to stay confident.
6. Find a mentor and spend time to discuss and learn as much as possible from them. Ask questions and seek as much knowledge to emulate and be like your professional guru.
7. Develop a strong LinkedIn profile. Do not post everything into your account. Leave an element of surprise for interviews and build your own world of professional contacts to keep up with the latest pulse. 
8. Take time out to reflect your work and your career graph. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses and work on them to stay ahead. Develop and obtain new skills that suit your profession to demand a remuneration you desire or get a raise.

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