Tips and Tricks to be ready for your next interview
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Tips and Tricks to be ready for your next interview

Tips and Tricks to be ready for your next interview
Being prepared, and doing your homework before any job interview, can help you get the job. Most interviewers and hiring managers want see how badly you want the job and if you have researched well about the company. 

The following tips will help you achieve just that, and more:
Always carry extra copies of your resume and passport sized photographs. There might be more than just one person interviewing you.
If the location of the interview is unknown, call, and find out about directions and landmarks, to guide you to the right place at the right time. 
Maintain a list of references and contacts, which you might require during an interview. It is very likely that a company might require you to provide such details at the time of filling the form. Be prepared and always carry such information on addresses and contact details of past employers.
Generally, we prepare ourselves to answer questions that interviewers ask. But asking insightful questions about the company or your position can also help you get noticed at an interview. 
Do a complete and thorough research of the company and update yourself with the latest achievements or acquisitions of the firm. You do not want to end up with a blank face when asked a question about the company. Reading up on details of the organization will make you more eligible for the job. Next time you apply for a new job hit the news tab on the company’s website first thing.
Another trick to stand apart is to follow your interviewer on Twitter. This will provide you with a heads up to learn something about the person which can be useful during the interview. You can maybe comment on something they tweeted recently. Everyone enjoys a little attention.
LinkedIn is a great professional tool from which you can extract information useful for your next interview. You will learn not just about the company but also about your interviewer to increase familiarity. This way you can steer the conversation and show you did your homework.
Be nice and kind to every person you meet. Besides putting up a good impression, this may also work to your advantage; you never know who has an influence over the HR Manager. 
Develop a practice of sending follow up mails. This can be done hours after the interview or the very next day, thanking them, and it is also a good way to ask questions you missed asking at the interview.
Lack of preparation can land you in a soup and make you seem disinterested in the job. Hence gear yourself with all the data available to you to put your best foot forward for the next job interview.

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