How to give a hit presentation at work?
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How to give a hit presentation at work?

How to give a hit presentation at work?

Speaking in public is a fear most individuals face. Yet delivering a powerful presentation is extremely important at work. The following are some tips and tricks to help you sail smoothly and give a killer presentation:

The first step is to understand the content. Knowing your subject allows fluidity of thoughts and ideas during the presentation. If you are unaware of the matter then do enough research to familiarise with the subject.

Using bullet points reduces your presentation session to a mere read aloud meeting. Compelling presentations take audiences on a journey. Hence try to weave a story around the subject to engage your listeners. The thumb rule is to include the below  three aspects :

1. Where we are now

2. Where we want to reach

3. And how we are going to get there

Practise makes perfect. Get a friend to listen to it and make necessary changes. Rehearse days in advance. Think about the answers to possible questions you will need to entertain at the end of the presentation.

Making eye contact with at least three members in the audience is ideal at a time. Wear a warm smile and maintain a pace throughout the presentation. 

While designing a slide use dark coloured text and a light shade for the background. Presenting statistical data and figures in the form of graphics is more stimulating and is easy to remember. Avoid using sounds and videos unless it is absolutely necessary.

Do not include the logo of your company on each and every slide. This distracts the audience from the actual matter and just adds in to the extra noise. 

Last but not the least, check the lights and the audio-visual instruments in the room to avoid any disturbances. In case of technical glitches be prepared and keep notes handy to proceed efficiently even without the power point. 

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