Easy ways to improve your LinkedIn profile
It is the era of social networking and it becomes essential to keep up with the number of accounts one needs to constantly update. One of them, inevitably used for professional purposes, LinkedIn, cannot be missed, whether you login regularly or occasionally. But in order to get noticed, impress fellow employers, and creating a strong presence, you have to optimize and keep your profile updated to get the exposure you want out of it. 
The following are simple ways to get a killer LinkedIn profile up and going:

Your profile picture needs to be updated from time to time. Agreed! Not as often as Facebook or other accounts. Make sure the picture is pleasing and suits professional standards.

The summary also requires being in sync with your recent professional accomplishments. Make sure it gives the reader a glimpse of who you are and add details to capture attention.

Join as many groups you want to. Being a part of groups will improve your profiles SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Ideally one must join at least 10 groups. Filtering groups is also a sign staying trendy. Get out of the old ones and join new ones to expand your network.

Get the 120 characters worth headline right. It must be a short story of brand you and have the correct key words to be discovered when employers are hiring through LinkedIn. Updating your statuses can also get you the much needed limelight.

Keep the skills & expertise section posted with the latest. Include your skills as a volunteer also in the list.

Be extremely picky when you are asked to endorse other individuals skills and choose ones whom you genuinely admire.

Make use of the Alumni search feature to network and make new connections. Using a LinkedIn signature attached to your mail can also a good way to market you.

The above simple hacks can help you get more visibility for your LinkedIn profile and stand out among a crowd of job seekers. Get well written recommendations from colleagues and friends to improve and boost your reputation.

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