Things to do in the first week at a new job
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Things to do in the first week at a new job

Things to do in the first week at a new job
Starting a new job can bring excitement for some while nervousness for others. A new job comes with new possibilities and responsibilities. The first week at a new job is relatively free and you are still in the process of learning, understanding, and training at your workplace. This the time when you can do little things which can help you settle in and get to know the organisation and the people better. 

Start with building relations. Update all your old colleagues and professional contacts that you are working with a new company, have taken up a new position, and provide them with your latest contact information.

Be ready to introduce yourself, rehearse a small speech about your new role and your experience. You may not remember everyone’s name when your manager takes you around to introduce everyone in the office, but whenever you find an opportunity try to interact and network. 

Get to know what your manager expects from you during your training sessions with him/her for the month you joined and for the next three months. This will show your commitment and dedication towards performing your tasks.

Learn the layout of your office within the first week. Find out where the copier, printer, and cafeteria are at your workplace. Explore the neighbourhood and get acquainted with the area. Ask your colleagues about the nearby food joints, pharmacy, and post offices. The better you know the place, the more comfortable you will feel.

Everyone gets a manuscript full of human resource policies, company’s ethics and codes. But observe how people behave around you and be attentive in the meetings, this will provide you an understanding of the work environment, hierarchy, and the spirit of the company.

Ensure you learn to make conference calls, get an extension list, and find out the facilities to make an international call. Such things can help you stay sorted once you are assigned tasks and need to get in touch with people. 

As a new employee at a job, there are many questions that will arise, which may range from understanding the phone system to knowing the priorities set by the organisation. Make a list of them and try to find answers to them by yourself, this way you will know about who or who not  to contact the next time, without bothering your manager for every little thing.

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