The job market is a place where new skills and technological tools are in high demand. Apart from a good degree, equipping yourself with the latest and trending job skills will increase your chances of getting hired. With everything getting digital there is a rising demand for slightly technically advanced and new age skills. 

Some of them are listed below:

Learning some coding never harmed a new age recruit. A short course in front-end website development like HTML5, CSS, and WordPress can help boost your career and add a feather to your professional cap. With these digital tools making a website and designing beautiful web pages will be a cake walk.

Social media skills are required across all industries and in every organization. With every company having its presence felt on social media, knowing the art of leveraging it to promote a product/service, to increase client-base, to recruit, or to increase customer-satisfaction can be extremely useful. An understanding of nuances of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the distinct communities they cater will enhance your resume and likelihood of getting on board at a company.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics states that one of the fastest growing occupations from now till 2022 will be of information security analysts (37 per cent), operations research analysts (27 per cent) and statisticians (27 per cent). Data mining, analytics, and data science have tremendous scope at present and will continue even in future. Pursuing an online course in one of these areas can open better opportunities for your career. A job skill like this helps comprehend data to add value to the business. 

A basic idea of digital marketing is a must in this era. Learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), paid traffic, and analytics can fetch a good position with an organization. Having knowledge about digital marketing can help test markets, gain traction, and get leads for the company. Mobile marketing is the next big thing for marketers and businesses. Every company small or large is making critical investments in mobile marketing. 

Online shopping is growing by leaps and bounds. Acquiring e-commerce skills can help you get employed very easily. Building shopping cart software, syncing it with payment gateways or merchant processing is the basics of every e-commerce site.

The new age job seekers need to hustle and keep up with the rising demand in the digital world to match the requirement with fresh and new skills. The right qualifications and latest skills on your resume can get you hired, promoted, or make you worthy of an appraisal.

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