Just like job seekers do thorough research on the company and person interviewing them, recruiters also do their bit of homework before hiring. Today 80 per cent hiring managers look up social media accounts of the applicant or candidate and approximately 53 per cent make their decision based on the individuals profile. But nobody wants recruiters to see the innumerable selfies you have taken and read your rant about a bad-day-at work on your blog. This makes it exceedingly vital to keep your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn free from all unprofessional posts, updates,and likes to increase your chances of getting hired. 

The following are a few tips to clean your social media to keep in mind before you apply for a new job:

The first thing that appears when a recruiter searches for a candidate online is a picture. If your profile is public on Facebook, then make sure the profile picture you have shared is professional and legitimate. Avoid using pictures of celebrities, animals, or having no photo at all. 

Try to Google yourself and if you find old and unused accounts or blogs then delete or deactivate them. Look for embarrassing or unprofessional content or pictures that pop up in your search and remove them or restrict them by changing your account settings. 

When employers look at a candidates social media, they look for their comments or statuses. Mind your comments and make sure your comments, statuses, or tweets are not hurtful or insulting to any person or group. 

Even if you enjoy playing Farmville or Candy Crush, do not fill up your Facebook wall with updates about the games you play on social media. Filter the groups, likes, and the apps that you use. 

Consider altering your friends list. It is not inappropriate to have more than thousand followers or friends in your list but you can never trust a person with posting old embarrassing pictures or tagging you in obscene posts. That's why its better to trim your friends list and maintain virtual relations with only those whom you wish to stay in touch with every once in a while.

Use social media for your advantage and to help you get hired. Update your employment history, qualifications, achievements, awards, and post about new skills you have learnt or lectures/conferences you have attended. Posting interesting and positive content can keep you in the good books of recruiters. Sharing interesting articles will also help brand yourself in a positive light.

Keep your LinkedIn account updated and match it your recent resume. Create a clear and crisp description of your skills, expertise, and work experience. An extra insight about your professional life will be appreciated by recruiters.

Instead of going all silent, having a controlled social media presence is what is required to stay and look professional in the eyes of recruiters. 

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