The Art of Salary Negotiation: Top 3 Tips for Getting the Pay Rise You Deserve
So, youre a high performer, efficient and can outwork most of your colleagues in your team?

Thats great news
Wish to initiate a salary increase negotiation during your upcoming performance review but not sure how to go about it?

Dont fret
Requesting a salary increase may seem nerve-wracking, however, you can get through it with some preparation and practice.

Here are a few tips that can help you plan and execute a strategy for getting the pay rise you deserve.

Research Your Market Value
First things first - negotiating a pay rise is primarily about your value, so do your research by taking a look at salary surveys and checkers. Get an idea of what you should be asking for by speaking to recruiters and people doing similar roles to you within your company, in the same sector and in similar organisations.

Build a Solid Case before Talking to Your Boss
You need to create the backdrop for your salary request. For which, make a list of all your accomplishments and results, include examples of your work and projects you were on, how you work with different teams and your relationships with key people.

When presenting your case, start the meeting with your boss with a bit of small talk. Highlight the successful projects you've been involved in. Give them examples of business results you've accomplished through quantifiable data, such as figures and timeframes. Practice your pitch beforehand as that will mentally prepare you for the talk and even boost your confidence.

Stay Calm and Be Prepared to Hear No
If you dont get the pay increase you had expected, dont let that discourage you. Take your time in thinking about your next move. Ask for an interim performance appraisal with clearly defined goals and salary adjustment. You can also ask for other perks, such as flex-time, working remotely and additional vacation time, amongst other forms of compensation.

Performance reviews are an ideal time for haggling over a raise. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind, do your homework and put a good case forward. Its important to remember that at the end of the review, once youve specified all the ways you have contributed, you dont have to be afraid to ask for what you want. Thats your right.

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