Learn to negotiate like a Pro

There are a lot times when an employee has to come to face the art of negotiations at work. Whether it is about getting a salary raise, taking leaves, or adding up responsibilities, one requires putting their foot down yet diplomatically conveying their concerns. For some it is really hard to speak up while for some it is easy to discuss and dodge the hardball. 

The following are a few points to bore in mind before you get into a discussion:

1. Know to value yourself. Appreciate your efforts and remind yourself of your achievements. Being confident about yourself can help to get across your message more strongly and positively.

2. Determine the worth of what you are negotiating and evaluate the possible results of it too. Support your argument with research and logic. Also consider variables you would like to discuss. If there is a middle ground that you think the management will propose, think of it in advance too.

3. Have an assertive yet strong body language. Looking at your boss straight in the eye, keeping your torso straight and leaning forward can work in your favour.

4. Just like preparing yourself for a presentation, it is necessary to do so with negotiations. Jotting points you would like to mention on a piece of paper can help you get organized. Read, write, and practice so that you can present yourself better.

5. The art of communicating your concerns matters the most. Instead of being aggressive, demanding, and giving ultimatums, it is better to be calm, confident, and gracious. Begin with thanking your boss or manager for the job/opportunity to set the right tone and then place your concerns next in the conversation.

6. It cannot always be a win-win. Hence dont fear the word NO. You shouldn't lose your morale or get disappointed. Challenge yourself to work harder and perform better under all future circumstances. People are the most creative when they dont get what they want. 

Whatever is the final outcome of a negotiation, take time ideally at least a day to decide what will make you happy and keep you satisfied at work. Think of negotiations as a process of understanding the opposite persons perspective and try to grow from the experience personally and professionally.