Learn the basics of writing a cover letter
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Learn the basics of writing a cover letter

Learn the basics of writing a cover letter

Sending a cover letter along with your resume is much appreciated by recruiters. A cover letter is a good way to impress HR managers and gain attention. It gives employers a better idea of why you are apt for a certain position and how you stand a fair chance in comparison to other candidates. Hence it becomes extremely vital to design a perfect cover letter.

First and foremost is to customize the cover letter unique to every job or company instead of sending generic ones. This might seem like a tedious task but it’s every bit worth it. Twist the tone according to the profile or the organization you are applying to.

A cover letter is all about selling yourself. List your skills and experiences and how they can be useful to the post you are applying for. But be careful of not repeating the details of your resume. The key is to keep it focussed on the job role and the company. Personal achievements and goals need not be included.

The format of a cover letter must be strictly professional and free from slangs or abbreviations. It is better to address the letter to a particular person and sign it as yours sincerely. In case you require e-mailing it then paste the covering letter in the body of the mail.

Always proofread the cover letter and run a spell-check especially if you’re customizing it. Keep it brief and simple. Maintain the length to nothing more than four paragraphs. Conclude by thanking the readers and a gentle mention that you look forward to hearing back and about the position.

A resume with a good cover letter increases your chances of receiving an interview call. You can create a great impression with a knock out cover letter.

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