Jana Eggers wants to conquer mass-market

26 Sep '07
3 min read

Still before five years supplied Spreadshirt only one country, in the meantime is it 17. The enterprise wants to now use the past experiences, in order to make for broader customers personalisierte clothes tasty.

Some months ago Spreadshirt had accomplished an international market study, in order to understand customer needs after personalisierter clothes better. The investigation showed:
• Gladly articles of clothing would arrange nearly 80 per cent of the asked ones individual.
• More did not know than 75 per cent, where and how they can do that.

“Here the gap shows up between innovation-oriented “early adopters” and the early Mehrheit”, says Spreadshirt CEO Jana Eggers. “We grew as enterprises extraordinarily, but the results illustrate, how much Potenzial lies still before us, if we want to exhaust it correctly.”

Further results of the study speak for a success Spreadshirts on the mass-market: The asked ones called on the one hand “qualitatively high-quality and long-lived pressure for my creations” as the highest priority for the selection of an offerer for personalisierte clothes, and on the other hand “sufficient time for creativity”.

Needs, which Spreadshirt can satisfy already: Spreadshirts printings supply fresh, clear and durable results, and singular T-Shirts can be arranged at little expenditure, and ordered then either or be sold in its own Shop.

“The study showed us that potenzielle customers would appreciate our strengths”, add Eggers. “Our challenge is now to communicate to Spreadshirts offer understandably and measure-effectively. But we address humans, who have the desire, even Shirts apart from “early adopters” and our industry individually to print on.”

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