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Tests of textile compatibility of TENCEL

22 Feb '07
3 min read

An increasing number of people suffer from sensitive skin. Environmental pollution and the increase in allergies have provoked greater interest in alternatives to conventional textile materials.

Since it combines moisture management and a smooth fiber surface, TENCEL guarantees a good feeling on the skin. These properties ensure a pleasant coolness on the skin which prevents skin irritations and thus maintains the skin's natural balance.

Studies have shown that 50 % of women and 40 % of men testify to having a sensitive skin. Another alarming fact is the rise in skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Sensitive skin reacts particularly quickly to climatic changes such as heat and cold. If physical and chemical irritations are added to this, sensitive skin reacts with reddening, itchiness and skin irritations.

Balsam for the skin - The special properties of the TENCEL fiber make this ideal for people with sensitive skin. Textiles are perceptibly gentle due to the smooth fiber surface; they feel cooler, absorb more moisture and reduce bacterial growth.

Another important aspect is the purity of the fiber itself since people with sensitive skin react in a sensitive manner to chemicals in fibers. TENCEL is naturally pure and does not contain any pesticides and agricultural chemicals. In addition the eco-friendly manufacturing process used for TENCEL has a positive effect on the fiber purity.

The solvent applied in this process is recovered by up to 99.5 % and does not stay in the fiber.

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