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Organic apparel brands carving a niche in India Paid Article

Organic clothing is not just the flavour of the affluent class but it is for everyone who understands the importance of sustainability. To protect ourselves from the impacts of chemicals, we need to either become chemically immune or just go organic. Since the former is just a pipe dream, a few apparel brands who have taken the responsibility of keeping the earth green have chosen to manufacture eco-friendly clothing.

Today, everyone recognises the value of sustainability and ...

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Second-hand twist to apparel market Paid Article

When something loses its value, the best course of action is to dispose it off. Perhaps to donate it to someone else. What makes this tradition special for India is that this practice has always been a part of benevolent activities. In India, the tradition of passing on clothes from one person to other is as old as Methuselah. India was among very few countries where an auspicious occasion remained incomplete without donating clothes and other articles of value to the deprived.

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Compression Wear: Working Out the Market Paid Article

Hollywood hunk Chris Hemsworth's muscles in Thor, Jennifer Lawrence's toned athletic muscles, Gwen Stefani's envious abs... the list of celebs with fit and fabulous bodies is endless. People refuse to buy the norm that looks don't matter. So, there's no surprise to catch sight of regular office goers, homemakers or college students making constant attempts to appear visually appealing.

The health industry also loves to crow about regular workouts to remain hale and hearty. Thus, the ...

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Beautiful Indian Wedding Dresses

Weddings in India are always high energy, colourful affairs. From the dazzling decorations to the varieties in food, every aspect of the wedding is geared to provide a spectacle of joy and celebration for the guests. Indian wedding dresses also reflect the atmosphere of cheer and enjoyment and are one of the most interesting aspects of the ceremony. From exceptional clothing worn by the bride to the regal garment of the groom, from the stylish trends donned by the bridesmaids to the vibrant ...

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Menswear slowly picking up pace Paid Article

For a very long time menswear had taken a backseat, and the fashion world's obsession with women's wear had much to do with it. But over the years things have changed and men have grown to be more metrosexual, and have with time generated interest in looking dapper and stylish. Designers and brands have also shown curiosity towards modifying this much neglected market segment.

According to certain reports and insights the category of menswear has outpaced womenswear for the past five ...

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The market for surf wear Paid Article

Hail summer and many sports enthusiasts head to the beautiful ocean for enjoying a myriad of water adventure activities. One such sports adventure that has gained traction is surfing and this in turn has given a big boost to the market for surf wear and surf inspired clothing. The potential for such apparel and garments has immense growth and is beginning to become a lifestyle choice for many.

Today, there are many people buying into the surfing lifestyle and even at places where there ...

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