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The Ever Evolving Burqa Paid Article

Every country has its national attire and this attire, no matter, how surreal it may appear or sound to others, is treasured and often improvised as per the modern needs of the wearer. The curious mix of cultures has led to reinvention of these traditional attires. The simple burqa has also gone through some subtle and some noticeable transitions. With the revolution that the fashion industry has gone through, the burqas have become designer apparel.

The prices, global production, demand ...

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Recycling and Upcycling in the Apparel Industry

The value added benefits that are gained with upcycling, are quickly driving it to a number one position in the aspirational fashion market. As a result it is slowly consigning its older first cousin 'recycling' to a mass consumer driven activity in the sustainability continuum. As efforts to grapple with continuity of supply of recycled materials (feedstock) grind their way up the sustainable innovation ladder, 'upcycling' is enjoying a freedom to soar into truly innovative materials and ...

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Keeping up with the boom in the Kids Wear Segment: A Basic Know How

With the above quote in mind, we have trendy fashion and fashionable clothes available for both for Men and Women, then why should the Kids be far behind? Life is to be enjoyed and it definitely is too short to dress up in boring, and uninteresting clothes. For kids even more, because they outgrow their sizes in leaps and bounds. In the eighteenth century, children's clothing underwent a gradual evolution from constricting garments patterned after those worn by adults to apparel designed ...

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Enhancing performance with breathable sportswear Paid Article

In several cases, more than a garment's appearance, the properties are the vital factors that make it popular. The workplace norms make it compulsory for some to wear special safety garments, nevertheless, when it comes to sports the garment choices that the sportspersons make directly affects the performance. The ease and comfort of the clothing is linked to performance. Consequently, ensuring that the sportswear has certain properties is quite palpably beneficial.

The most basic ...

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Ever evolving maternity wear Paid Article

The changes in the global apparel industry have been many and today, nobody has to look frumpy. There are perfect clothes for everyone from size zero to plus sizes, from brides to mothers-to-be. With so many emerging as well as well-established brands all around the world, today being pregnant signifies that one can remain stylish, comfortable and chic throughout the nine months.

The popularity that maternity apparel has gained in the recent years is all credited to the celebrity ...

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Eco safe children wear Paid Article

Eco friendly clothing is the buzz word in the textile industry and for the consumers at large. However, it is not a new concept and has been around for some time, yet it hasn't achieved the required attention and importance in the apparel industry. Women were the first to join the eco safe clothing revolution and now the latest ones to join are children.

Three decades ago, eco friendly clothing for children meant covering the babies in hemp sheet or leaving them barefoot. Today, the ...

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