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GST: The potential game-changer
The Goods and Services Tax (GST), if and when it becomes a reality, will boost efficiency in the supply chain by doing away with the need to have state branch offices, reduce transactions costs by ensuring seamless trade in commodities across the country, and enhance export competitiveness by providing comprehensive relief from many existing taxes. While the Bill that would introduce the GST regime is being examined by a Select Committee of the Rajya Sabha, Subir Ghosh presents an overview of ....
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Pakistan: The textile story
Pakistan's textiles industry, one of the biggest employers in that country, is at cross-roads. On one hand, it has the chance to make the best of the preferential plus status accorded to it by the European Union's Generalised System of Preferences (GSP). And on the other, it is being pulled back by a debilitating power shortage. Shahram Haq stitches together the bigger picture.

Pakistan's textiles industry has been surviving in the face of immense and continuing hardships. There are ....
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Stretch and twist for yoga with yoga wear
Yoga reached a new global milestone on International Yoga Day 2015.

At least 5,000 years old, yoga has been acknowledged for developing strength, flexibility and endurance. The nuances of yoga demand relevant attire. Even in the early stages, Yogis and Yoginis acknowledged the importance of clothing while performing yoga. As a more and more people practise this style, yoga wear is the new wave. The worldwide market for yoga apparel and active wear is believed to be the fastest ....
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Hemang Agrawal - The new age textile designer
Not every fashion design graduate wants to move out of comfort zones, and out of glitzy metros. Hemang Agrawal was one of those exceptions who did. He went back to his hometown of Varanasi and has since been promoting traditional Indian textiles. In a freewheeling conversation with Meher Castelino, Agrawal speaks about the passion that drew him out of the mundane.

One does not often get to see a fashion design graduate switching weaves, devoting his life to the promotion of Indian ....
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Macedonia: A new land of opportunities

The Republic of Macedonia is located in the central Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. It is one of the successor states of former Yugoslavia, from which it declared independence in 1991. Ranked as the fourth "best reformatory state" out of 178 countries ranked by the World Bank in 2009, Macedonia has undergone considerable economic reform since independence. The country has developed an open economy with trade accounting for more than 90% of GDP in recent years. An analysis by Market ....

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Global perspective on military textile
Defence spending in most countries --- developed and developing --- has shown substantial growth in the past decade.

According to a statement by a veteran diplomat Fu Ying, China's increased military budget in 2015 has made it the world's second-largest military spender after the US. Even as the need for modern war equipment is on rise, many governments have become attentive to the safety of their defence personnel. Technology in equipment has palpably high value attached to it, but ....
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Surf's down
The Australian surfwear industry is in crisis - and has been for a few years. So, what's behind the demise of Billabong, Rip Curl and the likes? And is there a new swell on the horizon, asks Carolin Severin.

It all began in 1914, when Hawaiian Olympic champion, Duke Kahanamoku, was invited to make a surfboard riding exhibition in Australia. He shaped a surfboard out of a solid piece of Queensland Sugar Pine, and took to the water. The popularity of surfing in Australia went on the ....
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Convertible clothing: Getting rid of fashion stereotypes
Innovation flows through the veins of fashion designers and textile houses. There was a time when people mocked at those who made the mistake of wearing their clothes inside out. That was the side with rough stitched edges, faded designs and untidy looks.

Designers and fashion houses worked on the concept of reversible clothing and today, reversible clothing is in. Convertible clothing is similar to this idea. With busy schedules and tight budgets, customers are always on a lookout ....
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College students look for right trend at right price
A generation that has learnt its fashion mantras from closely watching celebs, reading blogs and surfing the internet can probably never err with trends.

The life of college goers has changed tremendously, as looking good and scoring good are both a priority. However, a hurdle that continues to dangle over their heads is money. Dependence on parents and lack of an income to buy cool, trendy clothes is still an issue for today's young. The good part is, unlike a decade back when there ....
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Banana fibre: Green apparel of the future
Banana is rightly called Kalpataru, a likening to an ancient fruit cultivated all over the world.

India is the world's largest banana producer with an annual output of 24.8 million tonnes followed by China, Philippines, Ecuador and Brazil. India accounts for 22 per cent of the global banana production. Apart from providing textiles, banana fibre production provides employment opportunities to thousands of poor people in India.

Bananas are harvested two to four times a year ....
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