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Mexican textile and apparel: Latin America's rising star
Mexico, a country famous for its beaches, dance, music, traditional attire, chocolates and more has caught eye of the world for reasons other than these.

According to a forecast by EY Rapid-Growth Markets, by 2022 Mexico will be home to 10 million RGM (rapid growth markets) households with an annual income of more than US$ 35,000. This indicates that Mexico will be self-sufficient to concentrate on its domestic market to drive demand. Also, this will make the country a huge ....
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Green: The Next Black
At the end of the day, it's only the people and the planet that will matter. The day will come when whatever is not sustainable, may not be seen as fashionable at all. It's in industry's own interest that 'people' and 'planet' are inscribed in bottom lines, writes Subir Ghosh.

News about solar and wind energy have been making headlines over the past few months. And not because renewable energy is a focus area of the current government in India, but because it's a need-based practice ....
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Men on a shopping spree: Menswear gets a boost
Stereotypes are changing.

The clichéd approach that led us to believe that men are averse to shopping has changed. That's what latest statistics on menswear tell us. There is greater emphasis on outwardly appearance and how people present themselves to the world on a day-to-day basis.

Clothes play a fundamental part in helping modern professionals leave an indelible impression on associates, trade partners and seniors. Men really do not have a choice but to update ....
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Organic Transplant
Cotton is known as 'white gold' in some parts of the world. But, cotton is a toxic crop too. While occupying just 2.5% of agricultural land area, it uses 7% of the total amount of pesticides used in farming globally each year and 16% of all insecticides. The alternative lies in organic textiles, with India being home to production of 70% of world's organic cotton crop. Yet, significant challenges remain to be addressed, says the GOTS India Representative, Sumit Gupta.

The Indian ....
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Coffee shapewear amid controversies
Going natural and organic is an important statement for most consumers.

Be it food or clothing, people have started making wise choices regarding what they eat and what they wear. Traditionally, while choosing a product, customers paid close attention to details like colour, cost and brand. Today's conscious customer also considers the carbon footprints a product leaves, before they make a decision.

The substantial rise in consumer awareness has led manufacturers to come ....
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Electrospun nanofibre technology: Stops bleeding instantly
Healthcare is expanding at an astonishing pace all over the world. Quality medical assistance is one of the top priorities. While the expertise of the medical practitioner's skill is vital to ensure quality treatment, it is also the use of medical technology and advancements that reap favourable results. Over the years, with rise in demand for developments like anti-bacterial bandages, scaffolds for tissue culture and prosthesis for implants, medical textile has taken a new meaning. Medical ....
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Digital printing: Set to transform the global textile market
From production of fibres and weaving them into fabric, there are several processes and elements involved in textile industry. Digital printing is one of the processes that directly prints designs on the fabric. The current global output of digitally printed textile is growing at a steady annual rate of 25 per cent, according to Textiles Intelligence. While the worldwide share of digitally printed textile is mere 2 per cent currently, the mounting pressure of shipping products in short duration ....
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Guatemala textile weaves a success story
Central America, a region heavily shadowed by the success of its neighbouring North and South American regions, has been forging ahead by carving a niche for itself in producing quality apparel without compromising on its social and environmental responsibility.

Textile and apparel industries of Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala have emerged as significant developmental forces that are contributing to the revival of the region's economy. According to a statement released by the ....
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The Great Leap Forward
The textile and apparel industry is poised to make India a global manufacturing hub. There is a strong belief among stakeholders and experts that the industry will have its best years in the remaining part of this decade. But, this will not happen on its own; all stakeholders need to play an important role in this journey. Can they? Can everyone respond to the clarion call of 'Make in India', asks leading consultant Ashish Dhir.

The textile and apparel industry is knocking at India's ....
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M-commerce: Turning point for digital media in India
The year 2014 was significant for the Indian digital media and the entertainment industry. With a favourable global economic environment, the top global organisations predicted outstanding growth rate for India.

S&P, a rating agency, named India as the "bright spot" in the Asian Pacific region, while International Monetary Fund forecast that India will exceed China's growth rate in 2016. The digital media is also not lagging behind. In 2014, there was an astonishing 44.5 per cent ....
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