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The Great Leap Forward
The textile and apparel industry is poised to make India a global manufacturing hub. There is a strong belief among stakeholders and experts that the industry will have its best years in the remaining part of this decade. But, this will not happen on its own; all stakeholders need to play an important role in this journey. Can they? Can everyone respond to the clarion call of 'Make in India', asks leading consultant Ashish Dhir.

The textile and apparel industry is knocking at India's ....
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M-commerce: Turning point for digital media in India
The year 2014 was significant for the Indian digital media and the entertainment industry. With a favourable global economic environment, the top global organisations predicted outstanding growth rate for India.

S&P, a rating agency, named India as the "bright spot" in the Asian Pacific region, while International Monetary Fund forecast that India will exceed China's growth rate in 2016. The digital media is also not lagging behind. In 2014, there was an astonishing 44.5 per cent ....
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Will We 'Make' It?
If the government is to translate the 'Make in India' campaign from a mere slogan to an actual strategy and a movement, it will have to first understand that manufacturing is not an end in itself. It is a means to the ultimate end of creating employment. Execution of the PM's vision is not going to be easy. It will need a major change in mindset. It will need a major partnership between the government and industry, argues the President of the International Apparel Federation & President ....
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Made in Lanka: An icon of eco-sustainability and quality
When it comes to the textile and apparel sector, China has often managed to steal the limelight from other Asian countries. Though success has come in plenty for China, other Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand are expected to give China a run for its money.

Sri Lanka has left an indelible mark on the apparel and textile world with its impressive 21.40 per cent growth in terms of quantitative expansion till October 2013. According to the United States ....
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Where are Indian textiles and apparel headed?
India needs to focus on assessing ongoing trends in the industry and developing capabilities necessary for leveraging opportunities created by global trends. The industry also needs to improve competitiveness by working on company-level performance, says boutique consulting firm Technopak.

Clothing is among the most basic human needs, so it is a pre-gone conclusion that textiles and apparel is one of the oldest industries. As its chunk in the popularity pie of international trade ....
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The hand-made in India label
Textiles are literally a text and palimpsest of our past, present, and future. Handlooms are a part of India's history, economics, aesthetics and culture. If we lose them, we lose a part of ourselves, warns the Chairperson, Dastkar Society for Crafts & Craftspeople, Laila Tyabji.

Travelling to China recently for an international crafts conference and fair where craftspeople from all over the world were participating, it was a joy to see the quality of products and ....
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The 'Make In India' Mantra Finds Its Cradle
The e-commerce road is not without pitfalls. Early caution and proper strategic direction and actions can ensure unprecedented growth and complementary benefits, says the Advisor to Tommy Hilfiger & Amazon India, MANISH SAKSENA.

It could not have been a more opportune moment for bringing in the concept of 'Make in India' being promoted and enabled by the Narendra Modi government. With the Indian rupee privy to enormous fluctuations and still stabilising, this contra-thinking can ....
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New Age Khadi
Khadi is the only Indian feelgood fabric as it gives employment to thousands as well as boosts the economy and sustains indigenous artisans. Supporting khadi is one way of encouraging the talented artisan to live in his ancestral village rather than give up in despair and flock to an urban slum for an alternative employment. But khadi is far from fading away, thanks to the fillip given to the fabric by the Prime Minister himself. Meher Castelino writes on the state of khadi affairs and ....
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Making of Textile and Apparel Machinery Will The Whirr Get Louder?
The Indian textile and apparel industry needs to gear up to take maximum advantage of the present scenario. Manufacturing machinery is an essential part of this preparedness. The industry will need to invest US$75 billion by 2020 only in machinery to meet domestic demand and to increase its export basket size, says Associate Director, Wazir Advisors, Arindam Saha.

Historically, indigenous machinery has always played an important role in the growth of the textile and ....
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Fitness fever puts spotlight on activewear
Fitness has gone from being a new year resolution to year-round reality. Fitness equipment, gym memberships, fitness DVDs and activewear are finding buyers who are serious about transforming their physical image to something better and healthier. While the fitness industry has a dedicated segment for a variety of needs, one of the interesting developments has taken place in the activewear market. Sportswear, which catered to a particular segment of customers, has given way to activewear, which ....
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