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Smart Upholstery and interior textiles
Smart textiles in upholstery and interior fabrics today not only make it easy to maintain and increase durability but can add to the decor, smell, and light up a space. With innovations and technological advancements with different chemical treatments, newer blends of fabrics and new fibres being used for upholstery and interior textiles have made this segment bustling with products that can perform and look trendy at the same time.

The consumers of upholsteries for hotel, hospital, ....
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Bangladesh textile industry: Temporary gain & permanent harm
Accidents are rarely inevitable and often preventable. Unfortunately, as the textile sector expands, not many countries are focusing on developing the safety measures at the textile factories. The emergence of Bangladesh as the second largest exporter of textile has coincided with accidents at textile manufacturing units, which is making the global textile industries tread into the Bangladesh territory cautiously.

A textile building collapse followed by a fire in a knitwear industry, ....
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Textile world: Exploring the opportunities in Ethiopia
In order to achieve more predictable results, it is a must to follow the principle of success. The global textile industry has accomplished a lot in all these years and the reason being it has followed the principle of exploring newer realms, creating newer technology and discovering newer markets. The ancient country of Ethiopia is one the newer markets that the global textile sector has currently set its eyes on. The friendly and encouraging policies of the Ethiopian government are also aimed ....
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Growing awareness increases demand for sustainable textiles
Textile industry is well known for consuming large amount of energy, water and natural resources. The high impact on environment has forced the textile industry to take the path of sustainability. Today, the consumers are aware about the greenhouse emission, global warming and increasing carbon footprint, which is caused due to textile pollution. Hence, there has been an increase in the demand for sustainable textiles.

The production process, from manufacturing fibre to finished garment ....
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HT machines for sustainable dyeing
Deploying advanced technology in view of improving the cost of production and achieve better results is a way of working in textile sector. Procedures like dyeing that were considered tedious and still didn't give impressive results have been transformed for better with the help of technology. The machines aim at energy-saving and promote environmental friendly dyeing process.

Today there are package dyeing machines which are the most popular and widely used machines around the world ....
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Wooing customers with sensory retailing
With the m-commerce and e-tailing space growing by leaps and bounds, the physical stores have been losing their charm. Understanding purchase patterns and buying behaviors is not enough to run a fully operational store. Nor are offers and discounts luring customers in competition to deals online apparel sites have to provide. So what can beat the experience of buying online and make an individual enter a brick and mortar store?

There is one thing that physical stores can provide and ....
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Weaving automation - the growth recipe for developing economies
The progress graph of textile sector in developing countries has shown an upward trend, as most of the developed countries are showing interest in establishing textile firms in the developing nations, following cheap labour and lenient laws regarding pollution control, industrial set up, workforce and other factors. The shift from hand weaving to automation is noticeable, but it is still not at a very extensive scale.

Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam, ....
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Nitty-gritty of knitted geotextile
The growth of any sector is emblematic to development in technology. In this sense, textile sector has been fortunate to evolve and adapt to the changing demands and needs. The use of yarn is not limited to furnishings or garments, textile products are everywhere from automobiles to roads and bridges. The advancements in technical textile are visible and geotextiles have become an inseparable part of technical textile's development.

The application of geotextile ranges from reinforcement ....
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Cruelty-free leather
Leather is widely used material for manufacturing garments, shoes, accessories and home decoration items. It is found that more than a billion animals are slaughtered every year by the global leather industry for making stylish and exclusive leather garments, footwear and accessories. In order to save the animals and create a sustainable environment, it is advisable to switch to eco-friendly and cruelty free leather.

The products such as jackets, coats, pants, shoes, bags, belts, etc. ....
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Hightech sportswear
With the soon approaching FIFA 2014 and recently concluded winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia the athletic wear market is flooded with the latest and most innovative technologies that help perform better. Besides hard work and practice, a good skill enhancing and efficient sportswear is necessary in a field where winning or losing is a matter of micro seconds. In some cases they work as protective armour, in some performance boosters, and in some as performance monitors.

Using ....
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