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India gears up to rule the intimate apparel market
The growing demand for fashionable intimate apparel in India is providing a boost to the innerwear market. Fibre2fashion gives an overview of the biggest players domestically and globally along with the evolving fabric trends and designs in the intimatewear industry.

The Indian intimate apparel industry is in the process of achieving new dimensions. Under the 'Make in India' programme, the country is said to present endless opportunities to become ....
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Indian Textile Machinery: Problems and Prospects
The scope for the Indian textile machinery sector to improve its performance is reckoned to be tremendous. Among other areas where the sector is currently lacking is the investment into research and development. With an ever-growing textiles and apparel industry, the scope for corresponding growth in textile machinery segment is a given. With demand for new machinery being a key growth driver, the 'Make in India' initiative can propel this sector to dizzy heights, writes Subir ....
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What do textile manufacturers want?
The textile machinery manufacturers produce for a purpose and with clients in mind: textile manufacturers. Fibre2Fashion decided to speak to six well-known personalities from the textiles industry and sought their opinions about the issues they face and how they feel these could be resolved.

Textile manufacturers, the obvious target audience of textile machinery manufacturers, have a lot to say - from the brands they use and prefer to the problems ....
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Scope for sustainable technologies is huge
Sustainable technology refers to that which caters to the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It enables more valuable use of natural resources and greatly reduced ecological impact among other technological benefits. Though sustainable technology deals with energy efficiency, reduction in pollution, use of renewable sources, it should also be economically sustainable too, says Avinash Mayekar.
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Foam dyeing & finishing: A step towards sustainable processing of textiles
Foam dyeing and finishing of textiles has demonstrated as an economically very attractive technology to conserve energy. Foam finishing has a wide application on cotton, synthetic fibres and their blends. Senior industry consultant, CN Sivaramakrishnan,who has over 35 years' experience in wet processing and specialty chemicals manufacturing industries, explains why foam dyeing & finishing has caught the attention of the textile processing industry as a low add-on ....
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And Fashion said: Let there be light
For over a hundred years, Forster Rohner AG has stood for high-quality embroidery. They produce embroideries for elite fashion houses, and range from ready-to-wear to haute couture. With their new innovation of wearable technology by implementing light into textiles, they are going to conquer new markets, reports Regina Henkel.

When Conrad Forster-Willi founded his embroidery company in 1904 under the name of Forster Willi & Co; embroidery was Switzerland's ....
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China dominates because of its govt's support policy
The Chinese government has a great support policy. The land available to any manufacturer is subsidised, the electricity cost is subsidised, and they are encouraged to put up big projects instead of small ones. The bigger the project, the better the advantages. The practice of each town or province specialising only in one aspect too works in the country's favour. Besides, China has invested so heavily in infrastructure that even the remotest town is well connected, says Anil ....
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Getting social: Luxury brands explore new media platform
Should luxury brands make their presence felt on social media? Can social media work in favour of luxury brands? Fibre2Fashion introspects how being on social media can help brands expand reach, forecast trends, and know their customers better.

Time was when a top movie star introduced a luxury fashion trend, and viewers would be in awe about the clothing line. Times have changed. Now, with people having a high disposable income, combined with the expansive ....
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Everyone wants a treaty
The long-awaited Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been signed, and is likely to cause an upheaval in global trade equations. Though it has not yet been ratified by lawmakers of the 12 member countries from the Pacific Rim, the TPP can upset India's export applecart a bit. This news comes in the backdrop of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce currently studying how India has been engaging with free trade agreements (FTAs). The subject of FTAs has been repeatedly figuring in ....
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Vietnam: The emerging giant in textiles & clothing
Although Vietnam - the world's fourth largest textile and apparel exporter - has huge potential for cotton cultivation and production, the local sources supply less than 2 per cent of the total requirements and the industry imports huge quantities from outside. The country's Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex) now plans to invest $441.3 million in 59 textile, dyeing, garment and infrastructure projects over the next two years alone. Government policies are favourable to ....
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