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The changing dimensions of Sri Lankan textile
There is something intriguing about the current market trends in international textile business. Everything from production to market has transformed and this business posture is not by chance, it is by absolute choice. The textile firms of developing nations in particular are committed to confidence and this has attracted clients from developed nations for them. The developing countries like Sri Lanka are committed to creating space for the new peace, new income and new abundance to ensure ....
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Normcore - a fashion or an anti-fashion trend?
Fashion has always been repetition of ideas and all about reliving and creating new trends. With every New Year, shoppers and retailers are bombarded with the latest items and looks for the season. Designers and fashion forecasters predict the future of fashion and the styles that will reign on and off the runway. Some styles are classic and linger forever while some are ephemeral. Staying trendy requires one to follow and keep track of the seasonís colours, prints, styles, and looks to stay ....
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Construction industry proves a game-changer for fibreglass
Among the global manufacturers of fibreglass, China and the U.S.A. are the leaders. China is currently witnessing a boom in construction sector, energy sector and electrical goods industry, following which the demand of fibreglass has shown an upward trend. This demand has played a crucial role in giving facelift to the overall fibreglass market. It is anticipated that the Asia Pacific region would be the leading manufacturer as well as consumer of the fibreglass market over the next few ....
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Contemporary designers utilising the comfort of tweed
The traditional tweed develops several colours that are spun into yarn. The wool is dyed prior to spinning and then mixed in innumerable colour combinations, which generally range from two to eight colours. So what looks like a single colour from far is an intricate and abounding work of fibres that reflects the roots from where it has originated.

In particular, last three years have been extraordinarily good for the tweed. The tweed clothing is now part of high-end stores and has been ....
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Agro Textiles - high performance fabrics with big potential
Agricultural textiles fabrics provide a huge range of woven, non-woven, knitted fabrics that are used for different purposes in forestry, agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, floriculture and aquaculture. Since ages textiles have been used in the field of agriculture for processes in food production and extensively in the fishing industry in the form of products like nets, ropes, and lines. Textiles were also used for the purpose of protecting and covering crops in farmlands.

The ....
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New age retailing with Mobile Point of Sale
Apparel retailers have also caught the trend and are exploring the new age retailing with Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS). It provides clothing retailers with an opportunity to put their digital capabilities into use in a physical store. A technology like mobile point of sale can help apparel retailers decrease store expenses, improve customer engagement, and increase the efficiency of sales relevant functions.

The growing integration of mobiles for in-store activities and facilitating ....
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Global textile sector explores the world of para-aramid
The most popular use of para-aramid fibres is the ballistic protection in Western Europe, truck and bike tires, tension reinforcement for fibre optic above ground cables and protective coverings for underground and underwater fiber optic cable, but it is being predicted that the research and development in this stream of aramid fibres is likely to ensure that the para-aramid fibres are used to some more important uses.

Para-aramid fibres are imported on a large scale by developed ....
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Micro-spinning technology - creating a new wave for cotton farming in India
Due to lack of finances and difficulties in matching the economy of scale produced by huge spinning mills and that too in large quantities was next to impossible. This paved way for an idea to create micro-spinning machines and a technology that brings more power to cotton farmers along with an improved yield. Such machines can integrate the value chain in cotton production.

The technology can be used to tap the traditional cotton spinning and weaving population in villages and generate ....
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Amalgamation of global cultures in fashion
Indeed the designers do not need to trot the globe to get inspiration, as the world is at the fingertips with so many smart gizmos around. A tour to the world and finding designs that are allied to a particular ethnicity are much simpler to realise. The recent spring 2014 ramps were full of designs created with the help of striking embellishments, elegant embroidery, Aztec patterns, vivid draping and graphic prints that dance to the tunes of ethnic and culturally diversified beat.

The ....
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Challenges and opportunities in textile for EU's new party
The elections have concluded in the European Union and the majority party has the onus of carefully formulating policies for all the sectors. The textile sector and clothing sector accounts for 3 percent of total manufacturing value added in Europe. It is one of the most significant sectors, but, the problems that EU's textile sector is facing are also enormous.

The pertinent point here is that the textile and garment industry has grown into a huge sector and everything from fibres, ....
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