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India's cricket craze brings business for apparel sector
The millions of die-hard cricket fans in India vouch that the concept of loyalty is definitely not over-rated. What is termed as cricket madness by some experts is seen as unwavering devotion to the Indian team by Indians. When an event like the Cricket World Cup begins, what follows is a herd of cricket obsessed fans ready to throw myriad of support to the team. The frenzy means anything associated with cricket gets a higher leverage, opening up massive opportunities for companies and ....
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Organic apparel brands carving a niche in India
Organic clothing is not just the flavour of the affluent class but it is for everyone who understands the importance of sustainability. To protect ourselves from the impacts of chemicals, we need to either become chemically immune or just go organic. Since the former is just a pipe dream, a few apparel brands who have taken the responsibility of keeping the earth green have chosen to manufacture eco-friendly clothing.

Today, everyone recognises the value of sustainability and ....
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Second-hand twist to apparel market
When something loses its value, the best course of action is to dispose it off. Perhaps to donate it to someone else. What makes this tradition special for India is that this practice has always been a part of benevolent activities. In India, the tradition of passing on clothes from one person to other is as old as Methuselah. India was among very few countries where an auspicious occasion remained incomplete without donating clothes and other articles of value to the deprived.

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Bitter-sweet saga of Australian apparel retail
A magnificent opera house, adorable kangaroos, legendary beaches and a tough cricket team: All these clearly give a cue about a country that has a long list of admirers, the world over.

Australia has earned an august reputation not only for its natural beauty and spot-on attitude, but also has emerged as a viable business destination. According to Australian National Retailers Association (ANRA), Australia's retail sector contributes approximately four per cent to the national ....
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Latex accessories make a visual cut across fashion
Being bold comes naturally to some people. The word 'bold' not only addresses the overall personality of an individual, but it also denotes fashion sense.

Some people are eager to push fashion to the limit by embracing bold fabrics and funky designs. The special outfits that actors wear in movies are not only receiving admiration from people, but are also standing out as inspiration for those who want to be the cynosure of all eyes. Costumes that were once thought to be apt only for ....
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Indian jute: Global visibility round the corner?
There appears to be a split between those who see the promise in organic and natural textile, and those who see it as half-hearted development. Some of the top-notch designers are creating exclusive designs that employ organic textile, but there's a concern regarding dwindling demand for them following the soaring prices of natural fibres.

Thus, for some, organic textiles are simply a part of popular statement and the plan to make them a part of mainstream demand is yet to work in ....
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Lightweight armour: Putting the hard suits on defensive
If you think of a historic battlefield scene, among the first images that will pop up in your mind will be horses, elephants, cannons, swords and archery. A futuristic scene will bring in tanks, missiles and snipers. However, armour will always remain a standout significant element in any warfare. As projected in Clash of Titans, Gladiator and Troy, there was a time when warriors relied on armours made from heavy iron sheets. Invention of powerful rifled firearms made most of these body suits ....
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Fashion circuit welcomes spiders, fruits and fishes
Industry is eager to achieve the hitherto-unimaginable. This has led to a better technological environment. Enterprises are constantly driven to add something new to the existing trade repertoire. There is no place for stagnancy. Textile and apparel industries have also experienced these developments. The business aspirations and customer expectations have changed over the centuries as fashion theories, fabrics and technology have evolved. Change has become a reality and as a result of this, ....
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Far Infrared innovations: Warming up to global textile markets
It is difficult to perceive a world without innovation. The essential benefit of development is a better world and a safer life. There are instant solutions to all problems and the solutions are far simpler today. Industrial sector constantly develops ideas and products that serve the society at large. In the textile sector too, innovation has brought forward dramatic changes and this transformation is still running its course. With mercury steeply going down in the Northern hemisphere, the ....
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The upward journey of South India's silk
Clothing, which was once considered a means of covering one's body, is now seen as a reflection of personality. The clothing industry has come a long way with the development of fabrics. Unlike a few decades ago when fabric and design suggested cultural inclination, these facets now describe yesteryear's royalty and modern day's opulence.

Tartan, which is traditionally a part of Scottish culture, has crossed borders to find a respectable place in global fashion; chenille, which ....
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