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The growing dimensions of Turkish textile & clothing
Industry and economy have always been seen as single entity, as economic growth is Industry and economy have always been seen as single entity, as economic growth is regularly measured in terms of industrial development. Industries are looked at as the hallmark of the primary development. It is indeed the degree of industrialisation that is considered the most appropriate indicator of a nation's development. Moreover, the proper strategy for growth has often been conceived as more or less a ....
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Apparel sector: The art of capturing attention via advertising
The textile industry and retail sector did not advertise the products to the general public a few decades ago and today this appears strange for an industry that is completely customer oriented. It was sometime later that exhibitors and retailers devised their own promotions and advertisements without any help from professionals. To this date, the impromptu advertising and marketing strategies would have continued if it was not for the aggressive competition in the apparel market.

In the ....
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China's shifting cotton policy and the bearish market
The globe's largest user of cotton, China's output is feared to fall by 24 percent by the coming year since the decision made by the government to put an end to direct purchases from the farmers. It is predicted that the prices of this most sought after agricultural commodity may remain bearish in the face of record international stocks. The main reason for the slump is the uncertainty over cotton policies in China leading to depression of prices and also a huge decline in demand for import ....
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Ukraine crisis affecting the ties between Russia and EU
The protests in Ukraine and the political instability have had a great impact on the relationship between Russia and the European Union. Recently the sanctions against Russia by the EU have generated discomfort and discussions between many western owned international retail businesses. A sense of panic has struck many apparel retailers and garment brands who have been otherwise witnessing good business from Russia. They fear that the anti-Russian sanctions might take a toll on the sales of ....
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The global trade in textiles and clothing has been steadily increasing over the years and has witnessed a CAGR of 4.35 percent during last 10 years i.e., between 2004 and 2013. The major Textiles & Clothing (T&C) importing countries in the world are European Union (EU) and USA; and together they contribute an import demand of over 36 percent. The share of EU imports of T&C in the world is around 18.55 percent while USA commands an import share of 17.53 percent. European Union is one of the ....
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Skillfully sustaining profits with PLM
While intelligence, creativity and talent are answer to most of the problems that the business faces on daily basis, there are issues that need more than these qualities to be resolved from the root. There are things that cannot be accurately done manually and these are the things that need intervention of technology. In the world of textile and apparel, there has been a constant introduction of technology to ensure that not only the basic process of manufacturing, but also the complex ....
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Surplus polyester production in China
One of the most widely used yarns in the world is polyester. It is affordable and is largely used in the textile industries. In the olden days, any rural person migrating to a city would first buy polyester clothing. With increasing popularity of polyester fibre, its market has slowly but steadily grown over the last few decades.

The operations of textile and apparel manufacturing have globally moved to Asian countries in the past few decades as the labor intensive textile industry ....
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Online visual merchandising - the future of retail
The retail industry is as competitive as it can get. With increasing amount of shoppers purchasing products from online stores, especially in US and Asia, retailers need to up their game to attract customers. With a lot of information, options, and refined research tools available at disposal to consumers, apparel retailers have to constantly innovate and make shopping experiences more convenient yet enjoyable for them to keep returning.

One such aid or tool that has been ....
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Angola textile rises like a phoenix
The growth trajectories of all the countries of the world are fashioned by an array of issues including the internal issue of a country involving governance and politics, and a wide range of external issues which include the ties with other countries, world economy and global business.

The growth of trade leads to development of economy and the recognition of this importance has even led to the ceaseless appearance of proposals to enhance global trade from international organisations. ....
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The Japanese fashion industry - an overview
The purchasing power of a country as small as Japan is astonishingly high and the demand for garments and craze for fashion is also growing along with it. The third largest economy of the world, Japan, has a population of high per capita income, there by a lucrative and high investment criterion fulfilled for many apparel retailers and the fashion industry. The country is an excellent balance of traditional textiles and modern fashion entwined together.

The Japanese apparel market and ....
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