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Serbian textile's incredible odyssey of progress
Is there really a magic in staggering growth of textile and garment industry worldwide? For the trade pundits the answer is definitely not affirmative. The global textile for sure has outmanoeuvred the economic slowdown and the recent crunch faced by almost all the developed and developing countries. This luxury that the textile sector enjoys today is the result of transfer of manufacturing units to developing nations. This has resulted in global growth of the sector.

The transition ....
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The convergence of financial and physical supply chains
In the past when the concept of supply chains was more domestic, apparel and textile companies could do away with minimal integration of the financial and physical supply chains. But with the expansion of supply chains all over the globe, increasing costs, and outstretched lead times, the need for an organization's supply chain and financial departments to work closely to resolve discrepancies is inevitable.

With apparel and garment companies doing businesses with different parts of ....
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China's textile dominance: Change is in the air
Change is the only constant and going by these words, it is palpable that even in terms of business change is inevitable. The world is readily accepting and adjusting to transformations in industrial sector. The textile sector is also witnessing rapid revisions not only in terms of technological advancement, but also in consumer demand, manufacturing, salary revision and market dominance. The key reason behind the shift in the industry is that the global leaders in textile have recognised the ....
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A glimpse of Turkmenistan's textile potential
Many leading global giants in various sectors have deliberately taken a decision to keep textile and apparel as the central and core issue while taking steps in direction of comprehensive development. And the success registered by these giants has inspired other countries to translate the vision of development by promoting textile and apparel industries. Among others, Turkmenistan, which is one of the global leaders in oil and gas industries, is ensuring that the textile and apparel sector also ....
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Booming global baby diapers' market
Today by and large the market for any given product is governed by the awareness among the consumers. An average buyer concentrates on the personal priorities and needs, apart from the overall reputation of the product. These factors often govern the commodities of personal hygiene like diapers to a great extent. The modern day parents analyse the products for the infants more earnestly than ever before. The material, costing, comfort et al are significant for making a diaper brand popular. ....
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Global overview: Market trend and forecast for MEG
What is the basic requirement of human beings? Good and hygienic food, comfortable clothing, and shelter where one can relax. Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) or Ethylene Glycol supports human life in fulfilling all the three basic requirements. MEG is a versatile chemical which is compatible with water and many organic elements. It is an important raw material for polyester and Polythylene Terephthalate (PET) polymer.

It is odorless, colorless, syrupy liquid used in home textiles, food/drink ....
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Trade practices in the global textile industry
Globalization is spreading its wings and is affecting all the industries of the world. The global textile industry could certainly have not been left behind! The world textile industry has become a smaller place owing to globalization. Outsourcing and trade has become an integral part of the textile industry. Clothing and apparel constitute around 5.7 percent of the total exports in the world at present. The trade of clothing and apparel is expected to increase to US$ 1 trillion by 2020. The ....
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Booming textile dyes industry in emerging economies
The global textile industry has an important contribution to make towards the economies of many developing countries. Textile dyes is a small, but an important part of the entire industry. Owing to the development of textile industries in the emerging economies, the textile dyes industry is also booming in these countries. Textile dyes and chemicals industry is estimated to become $5.9 billion industry in the Asia Pacific region by 2017. China manufactures and exports disperse dyes in large ....
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Global export scenario of woven textiles and apparels
Woven textiles are increasingly been used in apparel industry, home interiors and even in many technical applications. The market of woven textiles gives a clear overview of the application, structure, manufacturing and market leaders of these essential fabrics. The supply chain for these textiles is spread globally in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific region.

The import export data points out the countries dominating the woven textile market in the world. ....
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Investors paradise - Chile apparel & textile
It is evident that the present path of global textile development wouldn't have been sustainable in the longer term, if the progress was confined to some countries of the world. The global leaders in textile have made sure that each part of the world contributed to the progress registered by the textile sector so far. Some countries provide the raw materials, some provide the technology, some have cheap labour, whereas some countries are leaders in designing and creating new fabrics.

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