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How logistics furiously reinvents itself
Current trends and futuristic ideas from the logistics industry would seem like the stuff of science fiction. But, as Regina Henkel reports, the future may be stranger than fiction.

Whether a parcel is delivered by drones through the air, or in special tubes under the ground, the latest ideas for package delivery read like that from a science fiction novel. In fact, the logistics industry is reinventing itself: with the help of package drones, which ....
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Innovation in manufacturing: first 'speed factory' opens in Germany
Sporting giant Adidas has launched a new concept that looks at individualisation rather than standardisation. Regina Henkel analyses the idea that aims to revolutionise production in the coming years.

Adidas has announced the establishment of its first 'Speed Factory'. The purpose: Adidas intends to revolutionise production in the coming years, and be even closer to customer's needs at the same time. It was not until this summer that Adidas ....
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India holds huge potential for geo-textiles
In view of their special technical attributes, geo-technical textiles or geo-textiles are being increasingly used globally to address dangers to infrastructure caused by degradation and natural disasters. In India, too, geo-textiles are gaining greater acceptability, and with the government setting aside ?427 crore for use of geo-textiles between 2015 and 2019, prospects for the industry look bright, reports Sudha Passi.

With the Indian geo-textile market ....
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Germany: The year in retrospect
The bankruptcy of Karstadt, the end of Bread & Butter, and the entry of Chinese companies were some major headlines that dominated in Germany, writes Regina Henkel.

Both a plethora of problems and a number of new developments made the fashion headlines in 2015. The exhibition landscape changed significantly, and retail continues to be challenged by the ever-growing relevance of e-commerce. And while classical retail is trying to stabilise its business, ....
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Textile Machinery: Shipments are down, but outlook is bright
Overall shipments of textile machinery fell in 2014. While short-staple and draw-texturing spindles saw a decline, flat-knitting machines saw more shipments. Though most segments saw declines - from the marginal to the considerable, the outlook in the industry is better this year, says Subir Ghosh.

Shipments in most of the textile machinery segments experienced worldwide declines last year. The deliveries of new short staple spindles dropped 15 per cent ....
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R&D can spur textile machinery manufacturing
The textile machinery industry needs to produce machinery which is competitive in terms of technology as well as costs so as to persuade the textiles industry to source their machinery locally rather than importing them. In addition, the textile engineering industry should be able to offer a complete range (value chain) of machines to the textiles industry, writes the Secretary-General of the Textile Machinery Manufacturers' Association (India), Saktiprasad Chakraborty. ....
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Managing Resource Consumption: Bluesign Technologies
The huge resource consumption to produce a textile fabric is by far too high and not in line with best practices that are available today. The industry needs to concentrate on the production process, especially when it comes to the wet-process area and the related end-of-pipe situation, says Peter Waeber, CEO and Founder of Switzerland based Bluesign Technologies.

The textile industry is one of the largest polluters worldwide when it comes to ....
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Looking ahead: The Digital Revolution
Israel-based Kornit Digital develops, manufactures and markets industrial and commercial printing solutions for the apparel and textile industries. Kornit caters directly to the needs of both designers and manufacturers. Founded in 2002 by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the digital printing industry, Kornit provides its customers with a complete digital printing solution, from start to finish. Gabi Seligsohn, CEO of Kornit Digital, explains ....
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The ACIMIIT Green Label
At the heart of the Sustainable Technologies initiative of the ACIMIT, is its Green Label project that has been developed to identify the energy and environmental performances of textile machinery and make them easily recognisable and comprehensible, using a process designated by manufacturer as an evaluation parameter. It is not a self-referenced label, but a certification that ensures compliance with norms, says Mauro Badanelli of the Association of Italian ....
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Three Nations: One Motto
Denim is a versatile fabric. Moving from work wear to fashion, denim is not only for the youth and for style icons, but for all age groups and genders. Fibre2Fashion analyses the potential, challenges, and opportunities India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan hold as a sourcing hub for denim.

Developing with changing demands, it has become the common thread binding India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in a common goal. The Indian subcontinent is growing fast for ....
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