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Fashion circuit welcomes spiders, fruits and fishes
Industry is eager to achieve the hitherto-unimaginable. This has led to a better technological environment. Enterprises are constantly driven to add something new to the existing trade repertoire. There is no place for stagnancy. Textile and apparel industries have also experienced these developments. The business aspirations and customer expectations have changed over the centuries as fashion theories, fabrics and technology have evolved. Change has become a reality and as a result of this, ....
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Far Infrared innovations: Warming up to global textile markets
It is difficult to perceive a world without innovation. The essential benefit of development is a better world and a safer life. There are instant solutions to all problems and the solutions are far simpler today. Industrial sector constantly develops ideas and products that serve the society at large. In the textile sector too, innovation has brought forward dramatic changes and this transformation is still running its course. With mercury steeply going down in the Northern hemisphere, the ....
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The upward journey of South India's silk
Clothing, which was once considered a means of covering one's body, is now seen as a reflection of personality. The clothing industry has come a long way with the development of fabrics. Unlike a few decades ago when fabric and design suggested cultural inclination, these facets now describe yesteryear's royalty and modern day's opulence.

Tartan, which is traditionally a part of Scottish culture, has crossed borders to find a respectable place in global fashion; chenille, which ....
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Ayurvastra: Healing touch of herbal textiles
Textiles come to our help in every walk of life. Textiles are vulnerable to toxins and micro-organisms that cause infections and allergic reactions. A variety of textile products such as herbal textiles and clothing have arrived in the market to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and hygiene. Most home textile products come in contact with the skin. So, it is advisable that herbally treated fabrics are used since they are not chemically treated and are eco-friendly.

What ....
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India calling: Global luxury brands plunge into Indian waters
Today, several philosophies and trends are considered a thing of the past. The idea that quality of life should be valued more than material possessions is one such. They are undaunted by the fact that the desire to possess the most luxurious items is generally insatiable. Luxury represents status and people are eager to routinely sweep aside and replace the mediocre with opulence.

This modern approach explains why the gloomy prediction of the future of the global economy presented ....
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Fashion wraps: Coming out of the closet
Be it a hobby or a passion, finding one's own identity to stand out in the crowd has become crucial to finding one's individuality. Fashion connoisseurs also emphasise the need to look unique. Fast fashion can interfere with the idea of exclusivity. International apparel brands and retail groups are fast churning out designs, and with rising middle class income, customers are buying apparel brands that were once considered a treat for the rich. This is forcing exclusivity out. Individuality and ....
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Dye sublimation textiles
The future's here. Dye sublimation (dye sub) performance textile is the latest entrant in the world of functional textiles. Till a few years back, it would have been difficult to believe that such advanced, multi-utility functional textiles could be manufactured. Today the scenario has changed. Dye sub textiles have entered the market and have grown beyond printed fabrics. They are an excellent printing material for making banners of superior quality, graphics displays, theatrical displays, ....
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Pakistan's textile growth: Answer lies in stability and technology
As globalisation challenges nations to expand their marketing, it has opened new avenues for developing parts of the world. Countries like China, Brazil and Angola are faring well at the international marketplace.

Globalisation has also led to exchange of cultures and traditions and ensured easy availability of all kinds of products throughout the world. The textile and fashion industries are the biggest beneficiaries of this cultural exchange. Today, Chinese embroidery can be ....
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Compression Wear: Working Out the Market
Hollywood hunk Chris Hemsworth's muscles in Thor, Jennifer Lawrence's toned athletic muscles, Gwen Stefani's envious abs... the list of celebs with fit and fabulous bodies is endless. People refuse to buy the norm that looks don't matter. So, there's no surprise to catch sight of regular office goers, homemakers or college students making constant attempts to appear visually appealing.

The health industry also loves to crow about regular workouts to remain hale and hearty. Thus, the ....
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Nano-textiles show glimpse of great future
The business environment has a proactive and reactive nature as it keeps adapting to demand from customers, innovations in technology and other economic factors. Movement of markets often decides the level of how competitive the business is. The present status of the global textile industry is based on innovations that not only cater to the needs of customers, but also contribute to overall growth of the sector. Technical textiles are one of the most profitable segments of the sector. ....
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