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Halloween costume sales and fashion trends for 2014
It is the tricking or treating time of the year and the festival of Halloween has become an annual affair to invest in some really spooky yet stylish costumes. The market for Halloween costumes is growing in a big way with all kinds of new dress-up themes and ideas available in store for adults, kids, and even pets. The festival is said to boost the sales of costumes and candies the most and is celebrated with a lot of pomp.

The word Halloween meaning the "holy evening" falls on the ....
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The global cotton price dip: What's in store for apparel market?
For substantial development the global economy looks forward for establishing prosperity and working on optimum use of natural resources. These natural resources are often utilised as raw materials in many products. In fact the raw materials have a pivotal role to play in strategic economic development. Even though manufacturers have negligible role in costing of the product, but it is an inevitable truth that the prices of raw materials have a major influence on the overall product rates. For ....
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An overview of the global textile chemicals market
The consumption as well as production of clothing and other textile products is growing at the speed of a long term growth rate of nearly 3 percent every single year. The pattern of consumption of apparel and textiles is growing largely in developing countries like India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and in the Republic of Korea. The rising demand for textile and apparels is driving in return the growth for textile chemicals in the industry.

The textile chemicals are in huge ....
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Enhancing in-store experience to attract and retain shoppers
Shopping has been around since ages, but today shopping is not simply aimed to fulfil needs, it turns out that shopping is more about relaxing, enjoying and combating stress. The term 'shop till you drop' throws light on the current enthusiasm for shopping. The retail garment chains are making certain that the experience in the store is enriching for both - the customers and the store.

The retail apparel stores have a better understanding of customers, as today shopping is associated ....
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Cellular textile and 3D Printing: Designing for perfection
Technology has been changing the face and nature of work and the value of skills since the starting of the industrial revolution. This has resulted in change in demand for conventional skills. In textile sector also, the technology has evolved and today even the most basic process of knitting and weaving have changed. Today textiles known as cellular textiles can be created with the help of 3D printing. The complex interlocking patterns have not deterred the young designers from learning and ....
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Apparel industry of Ethiopia sailing ahead
The potential of Ethiopia as an apparel manufacturing centre is growing with rapid foreign investments. It is the fifth fastest developing economy in the whole of Africa and in the world of public investment, it ranks third. According to an investment management firm, the average GDP growth of Ethiopia is 10.7 percent for the past ten years and the population is expected to grow to 90 million in the next two decades, thereby increasing the production capacity of the nation.

The Addis ....
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The U S market most lucrative option for African textile industry
Despite the African textile industry's potential to reduce escalating unemployment levels, poverty levels, boost economic power, influence of various African nations and the entire continent at large on the global market, the industry has undergone through several setbacks in the past centuries ranging from political influence, stiff competition, low technology, inadequate technical human resource and inadequate market among others however various strategic measures have been taken to revive ....
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Georgia - binding its way to further develop its textile
The efficiency of labour has a huge impact on overall productivity and profits of any organisation. Countries like Georgia in Europe are among the few places where there is abundance of young labour, and also Georgia has been remarkable with regard to fulfilling the market demand for continuous growth in the highly qualified labour force. Georgia's apparel and textile history dates back to its Soviet Republic days and even then the country was one of the most developed regions in textile and ....
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Europe's textile retail: Slow and steady wins the race
The retail sales are an indicator of the global economy's progress and reflect the spending patterns, as well as highlight habits of the consumers. The people and companies involved in manufacturing, distributing, marketing and selling of goods can benefit when the economy moves forward. When consumers hold off the decision of buying something, the decision overall weighs on the economy and makes it slow down.

In the case of textiles, the retail sector has seen its ups and downs ....
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Government subsidies and trade policies influencing cotton industry
Most of the countries give subsidy for cotton production aiming to promote the growth of the cotton industry. It has been noticed that since the reporting of government subsidy began in 1997-98, there has been a tough negative correlation between the government subsidies and cotton prices. When the prices of cotton are high, subsidies tend to decline and when the prices are low, subsidies rise. Cotton is a crucial crop for many poor countries of the world. Cotton subsidies not only influence ....
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