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Ramadan specific Retail Rises
Retailers have been eyeing occasions and events to increase sales and thereby increase revenues. Shopping has become an essential element of celebrating the festive seasons all across the globe. Whether it is gifting family and friends, or buying new clothes or taking advantage of sales and heavy discounts, there is always something for everyone to buy during such special days.

Ramadan, the holiest month for Islam, is when Muslims everywhere in the world fast from dawn to dusk for a ....
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Textile industry of Pakistan current challenges and opportunities
The Harappa civilization residing in Pakistan, four thousand years ago have provided the country with the heritage of spinning and weaving. Since then Pakistan has carried forward this age old tradition and prospered to become the eighth largest exporter of textile products in Asia. The country is also the fourth largest producer of cotton and after India and China, and has the largest spinning capacity in Asia.

Pakistan is a land with 442 spinning mills, 1260 ginning units, 2550 ....
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Inevitable need to develop energy efficiency in textiles
The compound benefits of energy efficiency are adding up with each passing year. These benefits are as much about the cost of production as about the environment. While the global demand for energy services used in production process has risen up infinitely, it is the steps taken by the global community with regard to employment of energy efficient methods that have pushed the world towards doing more with less wastage of precious resources. The new efficiency improvement methods in sectors ....
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Bridal wear a growing niche and the latest trends
Despite the recession and economic crunches, one industry that continues to prosper and expand is the wedding business. The same holds true for the market for bridal wear and wedding dresses. This unique market category already has dedicated fashion shows and definite trends every year to cater to the growing demand globally. The international market for bridal wear is estimated to reach 56.5 billion US dollars by 2015 and is highly dominated by millenials, preferring more contemporary designs ....
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North Korea - the new garment outsourcing hub
The garment industry of North Korea is among the most successful export industries. Apparel companies belonging to Holland, China, Germany, France, and South Korea outsource their garment production to factories in North Korea. The medium and large scale garment manufacturing units today employ more than thousands of workers. The wages are lower than most Asian countries and there by attracting many international companies to operate production in North Korea.

Several European ....
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Cutting edge denim washes and technologies
Denim is a staple clothing item and each year the denim industry comes out with latest designs, washes, and technologies to fulfill the insatiable demand for jeans. A lot of mind boggling and progressive designs have been inculcated to create the new age denims. From zero water wash to reversible denims, there are numerous innovations happening on this front. These brilliant technologies will make jeans made out PET bottles seem like passé.

A very unique collection of denims ....
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IPR: Putting an end to heartbreaks for designers
Getting inspired by someone and something is accepted and expected in the modern world. Sometimes this inspiration is more of a direct imitation rather than a creative extension of the original idea. There are laws that have been framed to act as watchdogs for the creative ideas, but it is difficult to keep an eye on each and every development that takes place every minute around the world. In case of fashion industry, there are many infringements of copyright issues and it is not only the ....
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Poplin varieties pep up the textile market
The world of textile has opened doors of innovation, creativity, comfort and variety for the designers and garment houses. The alternatives with regard to function, fabric and fall of a garment have improved and this upgrading can be credited to the innumerable fabrics that are available in the market. The modern day textile sector provides unrivalled variety of products at ultra-flexible prices. In fact the fabrics that have entered the market a few years back have been made bearing in mind ....
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The changing dimensions of Sri Lankan textile
There is something intriguing about the current market trends in international textile business. Everything from production to market has transformed and this business posture is not by chance, it is by absolute choice. The textile firms of developing nations in particular are committed to confidence and this has attracted clients from developed nations for them. The developing countries like Sri Lanka are committed to creating space for the new peace, new income and new abundance to ensure ....
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Normcore - a fashion or an anti-fashion trend?
Fashion has always been repetition of ideas and all about reliving and creating new trends. With every New Year, shoppers and retailers are bombarded with the latest items and looks for the season. Designers and fashion forecasters predict the future of fashion and the styles that will reign on and off the runway. Some styles are classic and linger forever while some are ephemeral. Staying trendy requires one to follow and keep track of the season's colours, prints, styles, and looks to stay ....
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