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Home textiles: The big opportunity
The Indian home textiles market is growing by leaps and bounds encouraging textiles and apparel players to diversify into home textiles, and e-commerce giants are adding 'home' segments on their websites. The country is witnessing an emergence of luxury home stores/designer boutiques, and exports are flourishing. The market is poised for further growth, writes Manisha Almadi Midha.

The home textiles market in India is estimated to be Rs 17,000 crore and is growing at over 9 per cent ....
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Karur-The hub of home textiles
Karur has become synonymous with handloom "made-ups" like Tirupur is known for hosiery products. Handloom exports from Karur began on a modest scale with just 15 exporters in 1975, and today Karur has thousands of exporters and products are supplied to world's leading chain stores. Additionally, the Karur Textile Park is a unique facility, says V Ananthapadmanaban, CEO, Karur Textiles Manufacturers Exporter Association.

Karur, one of the oldest towns in Tamil Nadu, has played a ....
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Indian textiles should not stop just at 'Make in India'
India has more traditions, history and stories woven into its textiles than there are in our exports. Like we promoted India as 'Incredible India', we need to promote textiles from India as the costume of gods and royals. This is one sector where we can actually produce branded products which are high up in the value chain and don't just position us as a cheap sourcing hub. And there should be an International Khadi Day too, writes Anurag Batra.

Indians are too enamoured of ....
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For things to work, all process must be in place
It was in 1987 that Asif Merchant got into the business of wholesaling of footwear. He bought from small factories and sold to the big brands of Mumbai, but could not find the success he yearned for. In 1989 he set up an unauthorised portable structure at Breach Candy, and then found a shuttered property under the Kemps Corner flyover. He managed to raise the Rs 18 lakh needed, and Catwalk was launched in 1990 with a unique proposition: pay as you like. Merchant bought out the majority shares ....
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Changing Lifestyles will be the next disruptor
The adoption of e-commerce has created a transparent market wherein a brand cannot be sold at differential prices or discounts across channels. And, it will not be long before online players start targeting market share rather than grow the market. But where Indian brands underestimate themselves is their ability to adapt to trends, and to bounce back, says Jaydeep Shetty.

Liberalisation made its advent on Indian shores 25 years ago, and 45 per cent of Indians now are under the age ....
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Design in India, make for the world
Dr. Darlie Koshy's pioneering contributions to fashion and design education over the last quarter of a century has been well acknowledged by academia, industry and policymakers alike. A Doctorate in Management from IIT Delhi and an MBA from CUSAT, Koshy has been also trained at FIT New York in Fashion Marketing & Merchandising. As Founding Chairperson of Fashion Management Studies at NIFT, New Delhi after the successful stint of a decade as a top manager in the textiles-handloom sector, Koshy ....
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'Exporters should take ownership of issues'
Exporters usually do not take ownership of issues of buyers. Both the seller and buyer should take responsibility of ensuring that profits go into their respective balance sheets, writes AEPC Additional Secretary General Vijay Mathur.

India is being noticed worldwide. The timing is appropriate since the world is in turbulence, but India is calm. The European Union (EU) is battling a recalcitrant Greece. EU policymakers seem more keen that Russia and China don't become allies of ....
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Fashion gets personal with blogs
There was a time when the internet was used to exchange documents and to read up.

As the time passed, it has became a tool to communicate with, shop, influence people and even write online journals. When blogging started as part of an internet activity, it was more of one way communication. Then, interactive features were added making blogs more potent than ever. Readers' comments on blogs helped spread the word from the horse's mouth. Blogging is an important activity now, with ....
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Revival of Italian silk industry
Italy's silk manufacturers are returning from a 40-year sabbatical. They were forced to shut down their spinning mills as they could not face the tough competition from the Chinese market. Recently, luxury designers Valentino and Gucci announced plans to come up with 1,000 silkworm factories.

The return of raw silk production will thrill Italy's fashionistas who once prided in the country's 40,000 spinning mills. Over the past year, a hundred companies have begun breeding silk worms ....
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The Case for an export-driven growth
Emphasis on MSMEs, judicious use of existing trade agreements, and constant technological improvements can make the 'Make in India' initiative more export-driven, says Subir Ghosh.

Economic growth and development are not just about new products or product mixes and trading partners. What matters is not only about how much you export, but what you export as well.

This has formed the backbone of the argument that the textiles and apparel sector can indeed lead from the front ....
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