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Consumer awareness pushes up availability of nonwoven female hygiene products
Suddenly, everyone is looking closely at cleanliness. It took a broom in the hands of India's Prime Minister for most of us to peek under the carpet at the dust bunnies. What we need to look at closer is the global fight against disease and ill-health. The ghost of the recent outbreak of Ebola is yet to be buried so the sanitizer - spritzers are justified in underlining the fact that hygiene is ....
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Emergence of social commerce in apparel retail
Electronic commerce and mobile commerce is growing by leaps and bound in developed as well as developing countries. With the increase in the amount of smartphone users globally, the use of social media platforms has also alleviated. According to a study by BI intelligence the year 2013 accounted for 75 per cent of sales through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The study also confirmed that 39 per cent Facebook users follow their favourite brands and research on ....
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Apparel stores look to pull strings on Black Friday
Marketing is the heart of any business and discounts have proved to be one of the most lucrative steps to increase the profits and brand visibility. As the brand visibility increases and the words spread, sales also steadily increase. Discounting has become an art of selling and more than any other day, it is Black Friday that results in record breaking footfalls in Canada, UK and the United States. Clothing retail stores like Wal-Mart, Macy's and e-retailers like Amazon have attracted large ....
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Global awareness can check growth of toxic chemicals in the textile sector
Development and environment are closely connected; injustice to nature in the name of development is bound to become a relic of past. The global community is getting serious about environment conservation. Today, the idea of development is that it should neither impair the environment nor restrain productivity in the long run. Even the consumers are increasingly becoming aware about organic products and the perks of buying these, compared to the chemically treated ones.

Textile ....
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UK, Germany lead EU's composites back to good times
Europe's growing market for composites underpins its attraction as a comparatively safe haven for market investors. Nations of the European Union are among the most diversified and technologically advanced nations. Yet, the vulnerability of the regions is visible, as Asia and the US continue to dominate the world composite market. In an analysis of the global composites market, Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, revealed that the global composites market ....
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Reusable surgical textile: Making safety and environment most valuable assets
In most of the professions, safety is considered an essential part of workplace and it is even considered more important than productivity in certain cases. Safety, for one, is definitely one of the most significant issues in medical profession. The patient and the doctor both need to be completely protected in order to keep infections at bay. The research and development department of textile sector has been rigorously involved in coming up with protective clothing for surgeons and patients to ....
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Why are apparel makers in China moving to Xinjiang?
There is no doubt that China's textile industry is one of the largest in the world. It is also one of the largest consumer and producer of textiles and apparels across the globe. The North West province of the country popularly known as the Xinjiang region has gained importance, not just within China, but around the world. The area is a semi-arid range and enjoys a cool weather which makes it ideal for the production of cotton.

The dragon nation is the largest exporter of cotton in ....
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Italy's machinery keeps the textile world spinning
Many of the textile industries operating today around the world have gone through tremendous transformation to keep pace with the ever-changing dynamics of the global textile market. The traditional style of working is no longer sufficient to cater the growing requirements of textile and apparel markets. To benefit the textile world, several steps have been taken in respect to economic modernisation that includes improving trade relations with other countries, as well as formulating friendly ....
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Will it be a Merry Christmas for the Apparel Sector?
Looking presentable is important in every aspect of life, and these days one's wardrobe is key to making a favourable impression on the world. There is something for every occasion and place- evening wear, office wear, party wear, bridal wear, festive wear, casual wear; the list is endless. Unfortunately, with the recent economic downturn, the apparel market registered a downfall in sales and this trend has not changed even during holiday seasons. The holiday season last year did not augur well ....
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Corporate social responsibility: Textile & apparel projecting a positive image
There are a set of corporate social responsibility guidelines that enterprises follow in dealing with the internal as well as external dynamics. These guidelines are based on the general principles that reflect the core values of the enterprise. With globalisation spreading its reach in all the aspects of industry, the style of conducting business has completely transformed. The textile and apparel sector is also coping with the changes in the social responsibility that globalisation has ....
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