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The lack of an established supply chain is hampering growth of the innerwear industry. The shortage of high quality raw material for innerwear means brands which focus on quality need to import raw material or entire finished goods, thus increasing the costs and also impeding their ability to price the product attractively in order to drive greater penetration. The innerwear sector has much to contribute to the 'Make in India' initiative, and the latter in turn can be used as a ruse to ....
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'Everything should be accessible to everyone'
Digital India can connect rural areas with high-speed Internet networks, allowing e-commerce to reach parts of India, which are currently served only by unorganised retail. Apart from reaching out to customers, entrepreneurs from the interiors can join the organised retail industry and scale up businesses to pan-India, feels Arun Sirdeshmukh.

It was not very long ago that people who shopped online in India were considered 'ahead of time'. But, times have changed, and in today's world ....
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'Approval procedures need to be swift'
Improvisation of infrastructure, reforming labour laws, investing in a skilled labour force, implementing the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and most importantly, speedy approvals are some of the measures that domestic brands feel are required for the 'Make in India' initiative to be a success, reports Manisha Almadi Midha.

The 'Make in India' campaign was launched by the Narendra Modi government for 25 sectors, including the textiles and apparel industry. It focuses on transforming ....
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The fine art of Pochampalli weavers
Tie and dye art has been practised in many techniques to produce incredible effects with different colours. Pochampalli silk ikat is unique with big, bold and bright patterns that declare the tradition of the region even as they aim to adopt modern design.

The distinctive fabric of Pochampalli ikat is an exemplary piece of ancient tie and dye technique that creates patterns or designs on the yarn through resist dyeing process. This is done before dyeing and weaving the fabric. Once ....
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A bonny time for Scottish textile
The smart tartan patterns on the kilt of the piper playing bagpipes have been part of Scottish culture.

In the current century, nations are amalgamating traditional and contemporary to get global support and increase profitability. Scotland, with its rich traditional textile, has also adapted to the changing global scenario. Today, Scottish textile has perfectly mastered the art of winning the world with its traditional patterns and fresh designs. Scotland's curtains hang in Sydney ....
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Russia rushes to develop domestic technical textile
Russia has moved on since the dissolution of the United Soviet Socialist Republic in December 1991. The country is no more globally isolated and is working on developing international trade relations to boost its economy. The country's textile and apparel imports in 2013 were nearly US$ 14 billion with US$ 5 billion respectively including exclusively textile products. Nevertheless, the beginning of 2015 marked a steep decline of 25-35 per cent in the Russian clothing retail market, but the ....
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GST: The potential game-changer
The Goods and Services Tax (GST), if and when it becomes a reality, will boost efficiency in the supply chain by doing away with the need to have state branch offices, reduce transactions costs by ensuring seamless trade in commodities across the country, and enhance export competitiveness by providing comprehensive relief from many existing taxes. While the Bill that would introduce the GST regime is being examined by a Select Committee of the Rajya Sabha, Subir Ghosh presents an overview of ....
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Pakistan: The textile story
Pakistan's textiles industry, one of the biggest employers in that country, is at cross-roads. On one hand, it has the chance to make the best of the preferential plus status accorded to it by the European Union's Generalised System of Preferences (GSP). And on the other, it is being pulled back by a debilitating power shortage. Shahram Haq stitches together the bigger picture.

Pakistan's textiles industry has been surviving in the face of immense and continuing hardships. There are ....
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Stretch and twist for yoga with yoga wear
Yoga reached a new global milestone on International Yoga Day 2015.

At least 5,000 years old, yoga has been acknowledged for developing strength, flexibility and endurance. The nuances of yoga demand relevant attire. Even in the early stages, Yogis and Yoginis acknowledged the importance of clothing while performing yoga. As a more and more people practise this style, yoga wear is the new wave. The worldwide market for yoga apparel and active wear is believed to be the fastest ....
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Hemang Agrawal - The new age textile designer
Not every fashion design graduate wants to move out of comfort zones, and out of glitzy metros. Hemang Agrawal was one of those exceptions who did. He went back to his hometown of Varanasi and has since been promoting traditional Indian textiles. In a freewheeling conversation with Meher Castelino, Agrawal speaks about the passion that drew him out of the mundane.

One does not often get to see a fashion design graduate switching weaves, devoting his life to the promotion of Indian ....
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