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Blue goes green: New approach to make denim eco-friendly
On the list of wardrobe must-haves, denim scores high. A wardrobe remains incomplete without a comfortable pair of denims. Forget the ubiquitous jeans. Most wardrobes include denim jackets, skirts, shirts and even saris made from denim. Denim has become perhaps the most essential fabric that lends a certain character to the closet. Changes in design and pattern have not been able to push denim out of the fashion loop.

What makes denim distinctive is the good amalgamation of comfort ....
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Branding Indian Handlooms: Redefining Heritage
India's handloom product basket is a bit of a windfall. It ranges from generic products of mass consumption to high value-added products of reputation and demand. As most generic products can be replicated on modern, sophisticated looms, these products originating from the handloom sector cannot sustain in the price-sensitive market.

The intricate workmanship of handloom products not only provides this segment with a unique identity, but also guarantees its future success. Therefore, ....
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Decoding China's technical textile market
When you think of textiles, not many of us think of the technical factor.

Technical textile includes material that is mainly used for its technical properties and superior performance. A report by Transparency Market Research predicts that the demand for technical textile will increase to US$ 160.38 billion by the end of 2018. The report also says that technical textile will maintain a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.3 per cent in terms of volumes, taking the global demand to ....
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Digital age styling fashion industry
Fashion is the product of its times.

Each era in fashion industry has brought with it something new. The 1960s introduced geometric patterns. The next decade was about earth tones, greys, whites and blacks. The 1980s ushered in fashion influenced by MTV, as young viewers tuned in to the channel and fashion spread from there. The 1990s marked the beginning of fabric treats for consumers. As each era ended, it left something valuable for designers and fashion brands.

With ....
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Will 3D Printing Revolutionise Fashion?
We live in an age that is witness to what many are calling the Third Industrial Revolution: 3D printing, more professionally called additive manufacturing. It has the potential to move us away from the era of mass production and bring us to a new reality of customisable, one-off production. 3D printing or additive manufacturing is the broader term for tool-less manufacturing methods which enables manufacturing of components from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer, as opposed to ....
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Pool of opportunities for swimwear brands
Who can forget the controversial introduction of Bollywood actor John Abraham in Dostana? Clad in yellow shorts, the actor left little to the imagination while dancing at South Beach, Miami. Kim Kardashian's curves grabbed as many eyeballs when she posted a picture of herself wearing a gold sequined bikini. Swimwear, which was part of western culture, is gradually seeping across the world. There are many customers who do not mind showing off their toned bodies. The inhibitions ....
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Luxury kidswear: Catching them young
When England's celebrated footballer David Beckham arrived at JFK airport in New York City recently, the media was glued to him and his children. The reports that were carried the following day enthusiastically mentioned Beckham's young daughter Harper and her chic dress. Beckham's son Romeo has already been dubbed as a fashion prodigy.

These two are not the only children who have made it to the most coveted list of stylish celeb kids. Star kids like Kingston Rossdale, Zuma Rossdale, ....
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Luxurious treat for plus-size closet
The fashion ramps have often been under scanner not only for clothing designs, but also for clothing sizes. Designs that require models to maintain a certain shape have received scathing reviews. In January 2013, when a visibly gaunt male model walked for Yves Saint Laurent show in Paris, it once again sparked off the 'size' debate. As awareness regarding healthy body image, obesity and also accepting one's weight gain momentum, fashion designers and brands are foraying into plus-size business. ....
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India's cricket craze brings business for apparel sector
The millions of die-hard cricket fans in India vouch that the concept of loyalty is definitely not over-rated. What is termed as cricket madness by some experts is seen as unwavering devotion to the Indian team by Indians. When an event like the Cricket World Cup begins, what follows is a herd of cricket obsessed fans ready to throw myriad of support to the team. The frenzy means anything associated with cricket gets a higher leverage, opening up massive opportunities for companies and ....
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Organic apparel brands carving a niche in India
Organic clothing is not just the flavour of the affluent class but it is for everyone who understands the importance of sustainability. To protect ourselves from the impacts of chemicals, we need to either become chemically immune or just go organic. Since the former is just a pipe dream, a few apparel brands who have taken the responsibility of keeping the earth green have chosen to manufacture eco-friendly clothing.

Today, everyone recognises the value of sustainability and ....
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