Doubtlessly! Denim has always been our favorite. From jeans to jackets – we all love to flaunt denim. Denim is one of the timeless fashions. And they aren’t going anywhere.

Fashion lovers are investing more in denim than ever. Brands are focusing on making the perfect pair of jeans to meet the demands and needs of their conscious consumers. New denim trends are more fashionable, wearable, ad flattering. Both brands and consumers are chasing denim – The Forever Classic!

With the below-mentioned trends – the rise of denim is getting higher, higher, and higher.

High Rise 

High-waist jeans is no more a gone fashion trend. Yes. You caught me right. High-rise jeans are back in fashion with more comfort than they were in the ’80s.

Millennials are loving high-rise jeans for the 1980’s and 1990’s nostalgic look. Click to Tweet

High-waist jeans are versatile and youthful. Pair it up with tucked-in tops or pulling off crop tops. They give a more professional look, elongated legs, versatile and simple effortless look.

Slit Jeans

The slit jeans have been making the fashion world more exciting. The slit-trends has caught on almost all the styles – slim jeans, vintage-fit jeans, and wide-legged jeans. These jeans have a side-slit or front-slit – an exaggerated open slit along the side hem.

Slit jeans add a subtle flare to our current denim. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your little leg this fall — style up slit jeans with sneakers or heels.

Distressed Jeans

The trendiest jeans of today’s time – distressed or ripped jeans. Millennials are embracing distressed jeans in almost all the styles – vintage distressed, lightly distressed, and shredded. 

Although distressed jeans can’t be worn anyplace, yet millennials are finding it perfect for casual outing and parties. 

Pick up distressed jeans that suit your style and wear it with sneakers, boots, ad blazers. Distressed jeans and blazers combination works best with t-shirts and dress shirts.

Embroidered Jeans

Women designers are always adding a feminine spin on denim classics. Embroidered jeans are one of those favorite feminine trends. Today’s generation is chasing fancy embroideries on all types of jeans – Slim, Straight, vintage, and bootcut.

Give a little color to denim with amazing embroidery to enhance the style statement. Bring out the creativity with marvelous style by pairing embroidered jeans with plain tees, tops, t-shirts, shirts, and boots.

Bootcut Jeans

The popular style of the ’90s is back! Bootcut jeans are slim through the hip and thigh with a bootcut leg opening. The classic mid waist jeans are perfect to wear in any season and on any occasion.

Millennials are chasing boot cuts for many different styles. They are styling it up with plain tees, white tops, tartan blazer with stripe t-shirt, shirts with printed scarfs, and fabulous boots.

Cuffed Jeans 

Clean and crisp cuffed jeans can offer a classic look. Lengthy jeans don’t need to shorten any more. Cuff it up properly to get an extraordinary look and avoid a trip to the tailor. The beauty of cuffed jeans is that they are statement-making enough on their own.

For a classic look, style a blazer and a button-down shirt with wide-cuff jeans. And don’t forget to wear heels or boots. Cuffed jeans frame the shoes so perfectly.


Denim has always been a must-have pair for every wardrobe – regardless of gender. These denim jeans are ruling the fashion industry across the globe. Embrace these jeans trends to come up with your statement style – for all seasons and occasions.

Denim fashion is forever, and these styles are millennials’ favorite.

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