Ruchika Bodice line explores its own evolution at WLFW

15 Mar '13
2 min read

The Bodice 2013 Collection explores its own evolution with sincere reflection and delightful ease. The ideology is driven by embracing and traveling in between the boxes and categories that have been a part of its own growth as well as the contemporary world with which it continues to evolve.

This season we are relaxed, meandering around with no fuss hair and cotton tote in hand: the contents of which include both revolutionary technology and fresh daisies from the market. Our new collection is at peace with itself, re-defining what is understood as 'natural' and has become known as 'second nature.' For us, elements like natural dyes, bohemian travel and hand woven cloth are as much part of this idea, as is our cultivated inclination towards disciplined lines and a quirky nostalgia for our less flexible school days.

In this vein, our collection also enjoys re-inventing what are imagined as traditional, indigenous methods. Our re-conceptualization of block print for example has involved inviting subtle changes to the method itself as well as marrying this technique with surprising 'modern' yet easy silhouettes. We have also given the pervasive technique of beading a new life by ironically, hinting at a highly digital age through a clearly, hand-embroidered technique. These are some of the many ways in which we play with the contradictions and cliches of craft and design, tradition and modernity, with a still, undying commitment to refinement.

Every detail in our new collection works within this consciousness by constantly off setting, subverting and being playful. Our decision to show a little shoulder in a safe length khadi dress, or use a little school book plastic against a serious, otherwise conservative garment are ways in which we come clean, have a laugh, and still keep people and ourselves, thinking.

The collection is to be enjoyed, embraced and thought about by the free thinking, questioning, curious consumer who is equally comfortable in a soap-making farm, esoteric lecture series at a local library and a charming sundown cocktail event. Our consumer is not the check-check traveler, but rather someone for whom movement is natural and embodied.

Our clothes above all, embrace a liberal confidence that lays at the crossroad of intellect and design, a love for frivolity yet a firm awareness for quality.

Ruchika Sachdeva

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