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Meeting on fibre mixture held by SDC

27 Jan '07
2 min read

The 72nd meeting of the Textile Sectional Committee for Yarn Manufacturers (Cotton and Blends) of Standards Development Centre (SDC) was attended by technical experts, manufacturers, consumers, traders and representative of testing laboratory, Government procuring agencies.

In the meeting, 'Textile: Binary Fibre Mixture- Quantitative Chemical Analysis (first revision of PS: ISO 1833-2002)' was the topic discussed by the committee members.

They approved ISO: 1833-1-2006 Part-1: General Principles of Testing, ISO: 1833-2-2006 Part-2: Ternary Fibre Mixtures, ISO: 1833-3-2006 Part-3: Mixtures of acetate and certain other fibres (method using acetate), ISO: 1833-4-2006 Part-4: Mixture of certain protein and certain other fibres (method using hypochlorite), ISO: 1833-5-2006 Part-5: Mixture of viscose, cupro or modal and cotton fibres (method using Sodium Zincates).

Other were ISO: 1833-7-2006 Part-7: Mixtures of polymide and certain other fibres (method using formic acid), ISO: 1833-8-2006 Part-8: Mixtures of acetate and triacetate fibres (method using formic acid), ISO: 1833-9-2006 Part-9: Mixtures of acetate and triacetate fibres (method using benzyl alcohol), ISO: 1833-10-2006 Part-10: Mixtures of triacetate or polyactide and certain other fibres (method using dichloromethane).

Few others were ISO: 1833-11-2006 Part-11: Mixtures of cellulose and polyester fibres (method using sulphuric acid), ISO: 1833-12-2006 Part-12: Mixtures of acrylic, certain modacrylics, certain chlorofibres, certain elastanes and certain other fibres (method using dimethleformamide), ISO: 1833-13-2006 Part-13: Mixtures of certain chlorofibres and certain other fibres (method using carbon disnlfide/ acetate), ISO: 1833-14-2006 Part-14: Mixtures of acetate and certain chlorofibres (method using determining nitrogen content), ISO: 1833-15-2006 Part-15: Mixtures of jute and certain animal fibres (method determining nitrogen content), ISO: 1833-16-2006 Part-16: Mixtures of Polypropylene fibres and certain other fibres (method using xylene), ISO: 1833-17-2006 Part-17: Mixtures of chlorofibres (homopolymers of vinylc chloride) and certain other fibres (method using sulphuric acid).

ISO: 1833-18-2006 Part-18: Mixture of silk and wool or hair (method using sulphuric acid), ISO: 1833-19-2006 Part-19: Mixtures of cellulose fibres and asbestos (method by heating) and ISO: 1833-21-2006 Part-21: Mixtures of chlorofibres, certain modacrylics, certain elastances, acetates, triacetates and certain other fibres (method of using cyclohexanonc) at Sectional Committee level were among the others.

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