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Trends from yesteryear adorning 2014 Paid Article

Fashion is cyclic and so are trends. Time and again there are styles and looks that are re-invented by designers or return to the runway in their original essence. Hence each year a retro brigade of designs, colors, prints, and patterns hit the stores and become a much embraced trend. In the fashion industry some trends are ludicrous, some become outdated, and some come back with newer ideas.

Twenty fourteen is no different, and have many vintage and retro looks borrowed from the past ...

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Muslim fashion: an overwhelming incarnation Paid Article

The world of fashion constantly witnesses something new from time to time. A new term has been coined in the history of fashion, and from the looks of it, it is here to stay! The term is Muslim fashion. Islamic revivalist movement insisted its men and women to dress modestly and religiously. But during the 1980s and 1990s, as the movement started getting heterogeneous, the covered styles of dressing began to transform into more fashionable styles.

This led to the coinage of a new term - ...

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Sustainable can be fashionable for brands

'Yes I'm very afraid,' admits Moussa Doumbia. 'Sometimes I can't sleep.' Moussa grows cotton as a cash crop in Mali. He lies awake at night wondering whether he will be able to afford medicine to treat the malaria of himself and his two youngest children, just three and five years old. The three tonnes of cotton Moussa produces gives him an annual income of $322 less than $1 a ...

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Fashion trends to watch out for in 2014 Paid Article

The end of every year brings a fresh new start for the upcoming one. Fashion is no different, and 2014 is here with latest trends and styles one must embrace and enjoy this year. While some trends of 2013 continue to linger this year too, while for some, one will need to make room for in their wardrobe.

Baring the mid-riff and showing the perfectly trimmed abs with the obsession of crop tops is incessant this spring season. And for those who do not dare to show-off, meshes and laces ...

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Criss-crossing tartans form fashion trends Paid Article

Fashion always bucks the trend and keeps coming back. Be it polka dots of fifties or flared jeans of seventies, it is not surprising to see fashion houses and fashion aficionados revisit and revive the fashion from yester-years. Like the polka dots, satin trousers, flare denims, leggings, tartan fabric is also once again cynosure of all eyes for all the right reasons.

Tartan has always been an integral part of Scottish culture and it is a national identification mark of Scotland. ...

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The Top 10 Trends Shaping Fashion Retail In 2014

As we head into another fast-paced year in the apparel industry, we give you a head start with our top 10 insights for the 12 months ahead. Here are the ten things shaping the fashion landscape in 2014, bound for commercial success and soon to be taking up column ...

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