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Micro-spinning technology - creating a new wave for cotton farming in India Paid Article

Due to lack of finances and difficulties in matching the economy of scale produced by huge spinning mills and that too in large quantities was next to impossible. This paved way for an idea to create micro-spinning machines and a technology that brings more power to cotton farmers along with an improved yield. Such machines can integrate the value chain in cotton production.

The technology can be used to tap the traditional cotton spinning and weaving population in villages and generate ...

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Tracking the new cellulose fibres created with ionic liquid Paid Article

The need of creating sustainable fabrics involving cellulose fibres created with ionic liquid arose as the demand in textile fibres is predicted to reach 133.5 meter by 2030. These new fibres have retained all the properties of the other cellulosic fibres like moisture management, sustainability and breathability. These features are not characteristic to synthetic fibres, thus the global demand for the natural and man made cellulosic fibres is expected to rise between 33 to 37 percent. ...

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RFID applications in textile and apparel industry Paid Article

Radio Frequency Identification device (RFID) has modernized all the facets of textile and apparel industry from manufacturing level to distribution and retailing. Today, RFID tagging has become the most commonly and widely used wireless technology after mobile phone. Financial experts say that this technology can help textile and apparel companies save billions of dollars by providing quick and exact data of different items located in different locations at any point of time.

RFID tag ...

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Top Technology Changing the Fashion Industry

The way we view, browse, and purchase fashion has changed forever in the digital age. Technology like 3D printing and wearables, as well as Smartphone apps like Instagram, have, beneath the radar, altered the way fashion is seen by consumers. Technology and fashion are now intertwined, as technology has begun shaping fashion for the ...

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Hightech sportswear Paid Article

With the soon approaching FIFA 2014 and recently concluded winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia the athletic wear market is flooded with the latest and most innovative technologies that help perform better. Besides hard work and practice, a good skill enhancing and efficient sportswear is necessary in a field where winning or losing is a matter of micro seconds. In some cases they work as protective armour, in some performance boosters, and in some as performance monitors.

Using ...

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Green clothing from recycled plastic bottles Paid Article

There was a time when used plastic bottles were a threat to the environment. Today, it is being used positively to manufacture garments. In fact, many people are wearing this green garment made from used water bottles. In the current scenario of textile pollution, choosing green clothing is a sign of being responsible and sensible towards environment.

Green clothing refers to fabrics that are obtained from sustainable materials like hemp, bamboo or recycled plastic. Also, the methods ...

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