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Cellular textile and 3D Printing: Designing for perfection New! Paid Article

Technology has been changing the face and nature of work and the value of skills since the starting of the industrial revolution. This has resulted in change in demand for conventional skills. In textile sector also, the technology has evolved and today even the most basic process of knitting and weaving have changed. Today textiles known as cellular textiles can be created with the help of 3D printing. The complex interlocking patterns have not deterred the young designers from learning and ...

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Self-repairing textiles - mending its way into future Paid Article

Smart textile innovations are opening up a brand new avenue for producers and bringing new purposes to it, moving beyond the conventional. Today, textiles are being used for architecture, in wearable technologies, as environmentally responsible fabrics, and bio leathers. With the help of nanotechnology many value additions can be made to a normal piece of textile material.

Taking the textile industry a step further to the future of fabrics is a mind blogging invention of different ...

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Mobile Payments - the evolving dynamics of the retail market Paid Article

With new payment gateways and the steep increase in the number of consumers using mobile phones for shopping and the alternative of mobile shopping is growing to become the latest buzz word in e-commerce and retail. The space for electronic retailing has grown by leaps and bounds and has witnessed dramatic changes in the last decade. The mobile payment being the next big thing and paving way for future retail transactions is going to modify the relationship between customers and ...

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Reading market pulse with mobile retail analytics Paid Article

The retail houses often outline the customer service as one of the biggest challenges for the business. Effective communication and competent services can lead to strong customer relationship, winning customer loyalty for the retail houses. But at a time when tastes, trends and dynamics change much faster, in order to improve the communication with customers and understanding their behaviour, retail stores need more than a friendly staff. Today, introducing technology in business has become ...

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Carbon weaving- An advance technology

Carbon weaving is still a new concept to make technical fabrics. Many types of equipment and auxiliary attachments with looms are available in advanced countries but these are very expensive investment. In India rare manufacturers are involved in carbon fibre fabric manufacturing. In India, a well-known organization in Ahmedabad is putting efforts to develop carbon fibre fabric and carbon composites to fulfill increased requirements of such products for customers in India as well as ...

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Micro-spinning technology - creating a new wave for cotton farming in India Paid Article

Due to lack of finances and difficulties in matching the economy of scale produced by huge spinning mills and that too in large quantities was next to impossible. This paved way for an idea to create micro-spinning machines and a technology that brings more power to cotton farmers along with an improved yield. Such machines can integrate the value chain in cotton production.

The technology can be used to tap the traditional cotton spinning and weaving population in villages and generate ...

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